Heiress To Atlas

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Electronica Dance Single of the Year 2014 LA Music Awards

2014 Nominee – Social Media Artist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Award

2014 Nominee – Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

2014 Nominee – Electronica/Dance Single of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards “Heliotrope”

Their collision was chance, but it wasn’t an accident. London-born singer Vidya Sethu had travelled to Los Angeles from Singapore for a temporary therapeutic stay, and NY producer Marc Thomas had only just started looking for a female singer in LA – just as Vidya was planning to leave. Two weeks before her flight home, the two found each other through the weird and wonderful portal that is Craigslist. In awe of the improbabilities that aligned their pasts, the duo began to build their future on what their combination inspires; a bold electro fusion sound that they call RENEGADE SYNTHPOP. Ready, set, collide – meet Heiress To Atlas.

After their first single ‘Heliotrope’ was nominated for three 2014 LA Music Awards, they went on to win “Best Electronic Dance Single”. With a sound as unique and striking as theirs, it’s no doubt that the duo are set for big things in the coming year. Watch out for their debut studio EP coming March 2015.

Vidya Sethu // Vocals & Lyrics
Marc Thomas // Beats & Sounds