Holy Ghost

Independent Hip Hop Artist of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Born and raised in Accra Ghana in, But Now Live In California right now, I was raised by my a single mother with the help of my grandmother. As a child i loved music and and writing poetry. I had realized then, that I was good in putting words together. My idol was Michael Jackson. In school I was a performer, and that’s where I had realized that my dream was to be a famous rapper .

In 1996, I immigrated to New Jersey, that’s where I started taking my music seriously, because I was in the mecca of hip-hop. In 2002, I had recorded my debut album, “black prince of Africa”, with 17 tracks sold and promoted it all across Canada, receiving local tv reviews, and reviews in local news papers. It was great, I became a local legend, but still wasn’t satisfied. In March of 2003, I had packed my bags again, not knowing where I was going to stay, and moved to Los Angeles, CA, hoping to make it big. I didn’t care bout survival, I had copies of my cd to sell that was my everything. It was very difficult making contacts just like New York, but the good thing was, I was selling lots of cds to people all around the world. People then began loving my music, but I wasn’t getting ahead because the money was paying for my living expenses, motel bills, food and etc. I couldn’t find a manager, most agencies were looking for new talent, but I had learnt a lot about the industry. I got an audition to be in an R. Kelly snakevideo shoot. It was a awesome time of my life. It got even better in 2004 at The Los Angeles music awards, I was nominated as the independent hip hop artist of the year, which i won and accepting my first plaque was also a great feeling. Changing the rap game one verse and one song at a time.

Holy Ghost delivers the heart felt truth on life and what you should expect out of it. He’s a seasoned lyricist who commands attention on the stage, bringing the ingredients that hip-hop has been lacking for quite some time. Real testimonial substance of character. Having a successful album is never is easy, no matter what the style of music. In hip-hop, the challenge is argueable and more difficult since the whims of the genre are constantly and alway’s shifting, and ever-evolving. He proves up to the task of answering one remarkable album. Holy Ghost’s first, Quality Control – with another. Nobody could really doubt the result. The Los Angeles based based outfit has always displayed a blazing ingenuity and inventiveness in their craft, earning Holy Ghost a chance of a lifetime to be what he want, and that’s a loyal rapper of the game today.

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