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outstanding music video 11th annual la music awards after party

The original 7 piece bucket of Headbang-with-a-TwangHonkystomp is the
genre-bending, mind-blowing experience that fuses old schoolCountry and
Bluegrass with 70’s Funk and hard slammin’ Rock ‘n Roll. Honkystompis
the twisted brainchild of lead singer Dan Sullivan. Danny looked far
andwide to find members that truly understood his crazy vision. The
band isanchored in the rhythm section of Steve DeBoard on drums and
Clackers Kay onBass. Steve comes to the band after having played with
such luminaries as C.C.DeVille of Poison and the Platinum-selling
Rapper Pras. Clackers Kay lays downthe bass old-school funk-style. He
has done musical time with teenage heartthrobLeif Garrett and has also
worked with legendary Producer Eddie Kramer of JimiHendrix fame. The
next tier on this shotgun wedding cake consists of AndreaBaker on
Fiddle and Tony Mandrachia on banjo and guitar. These two bring
theHonky to the Stomp with their pickin’ and a grinnin’. Tony is a
full-timesession pro and Andrea divides her time between Honkystomp,
the Evangentials, aMiddle eastern band with an unpronounceable name and
the West HighlandFiddlers. Bringing the Stomp to Honkystomp is guitar
player Paul Jacques. Moreanimal than man really, Paul attacks the
guitar with a brutality usuallyreserved for a pack of wild dogs tearing
apart their unsuspecting prey. He is atruly committed player. Committed
to what to what no one is quite sure. Rounding outthis rogues gallery
of musical malcontents is the lovely Heather Marie Marsden.Actress,
chanteuse and hoofer. Heather is the original triple threat. Hervocals
and gyrations set the stage on fire and are the beautiful icing on
thiscrazy confection known affectionately as “The Stomp.”