Imperial Butt Wizards

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

1993 Honorable Mention – 3rd Annual LA Music Awards

Imperial Butt Wizards 213-679-5835

It was always with great anticipation and excitement that we looked forward to an evening watching The Imperial Butt Wizards perform. Elements of surprise and danger were always present, and you were never quite sure if you would end up injured or covered in something that never came out in the wash. A visual delicacy filled with flying debris, costumes constructed out of fun fur, plastic grapes and duct tape, their shows had a penchant for eliciting hysterical laughter from the crowd partly due to the sheer entertainment they provided and partly due to the thrill of potentially being harmed. The Imperial Butt Wizards were a band filled with some of the most creative minds hell-bent on having fun at all costs!
Along with a recent interview with Paul K, Michael Quercio and Steve Housden on the origins and stories surrounding this infamous LA band, I dug into my collection of photographs I had shot at several venues throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1989 and 1990, and present them here together with two oil paintings I had created from these photographs.
Bon Appetit!
Julie Pavlowski Green
March 30, 2013