Highlight Reel

Recipient – Hard Rock Band of the Year – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards – 18th Annual LA Music Awards

Inprana, derived from the word “Prana”, meaning “Breath of Life”. Kickin hard rock, always on target live! Inprana’s debut CD “Give, Take, Surrender”, (Minds Eye Digital) features instantly charged tracks that have been extremely well received by their fans and has become the choice and demand of numerous high profile clubs in Arizona. These guys crush rock fans during live performances leaving them wanting more. Live, Inprana delivers!. Founded by guitarist Dan Norftill (blazing riffs) and fronted by Jim McDermott (mesmerizing front-men), Wayne Harmon (bass) and Kevin Hommert (drums) round out the bands original sound and sets the stage ablaze. Inprana’s sound captured the attention of Larry Elyea (Minds Eye Digital), a well established industry pro known best for his work with artists like: Eminem, Gin Blossoms, Tech Nine, Kotton Mouth Kings, 32 Leaves and Bionic Jive. Larry produced their debut CD Give ,Take ,Surrender in June of 2008. Their live performances got them top honors as the “Best Hard Rock Band 2008 for the State of Arizona” at the Phoenix Music Awards. Official band merchandise website: