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Sponsor of the 14th annual LA Music Awards


The Social Media Music Awards (SOMMA) is one of the first events of its kind, highlighting the intersection of social media and music. Leading and emerging musicians have been developing revolutionary strategies to reach their audiences using social media tools such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The power of “influence of friends” has gone global, bringing enormous change and influence to the type of music we are exposed to.

Cultural Environment

Today, “word of mouth” is electronic – flowing through social media sites such as Facebook, where you can see what friends around the world are listening to and watching in real time. A singer from France can now build an audience in the US, Africa or Asia. A young boy from South Korea playing guitar has over 3 million views on YouTube.

Over 200 million members of Facebook and other sites create enormous influence and opportunity. One friend or fan posting on a social network can have a large ripple effect exposing this music to hundreds or thousands in their circle of friends. SOMMA will reflect this new wave of music discovery, crossing borders and exposing friends to other types of music which might never receive airplay.

The Event

SOMMA will be highlighting this seismic shift as a major part of the2009 Blogworld /New Media Expo conference being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 15 – 17, 2009. The Social Media Music Awards will be the featured entertainment event of the weekend and will be presented at the Las Vegas Hilton on Friday night, October 16. All paid registered attendees to Blogworld/New MediaExpo will automatically receive a pass to the concert/awards show. We expect the audience to include some of the world’s most influential and popular bloggers. These bloggers represented over 100 million page views in 2008.

In our first few months of planning, we have received positive feedback and commitment from many organizations including “Rock the Vote” and industry trades to participate and raise the profile of the event even further. We plan to kick off the announcement of the awards shortly after signing our title sponsors. Voting will begin in mid-summer and continue through September.

Currently the planned categories for the awards will include “best of” for major music niches. Continental top vote getters in geographic regions will be honored as well.

Executive Team

The show is being produced by a team led by music industry veteran, Jeffrey Cheen and social media marketing executive, Andrew Kaplan. Cheen has over 40 years of music industry experience including producing awards shows in Los Angeles, Beijing and Charlotte. Kaplan has more than 30 years of entertainment, media and technology experience. He was recognized in 2008 by Marketing Sherpa as #1 in their “Great Mind Series” for his ideas in an article on Facebook branding.

Connecting Your Brand

SOMMA and its team are looking for innovative companies and strategic partners who believe in our vision of combining social media and music to create a shared unique and memorable experience. We see this event growing in future years. SOMMA has the potential to become a significant music and social media event highlighting the emergence of important social media innovations.

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The Charlotte Music Awards recognizes and awards all genres of music in the Carolinas. There are monthly showcases at venues in Charlotte and other Carolina locations and an end of year Red Carpet Affair. For current show listings please visit:
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