Jacqueline Grace

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Record of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “A Global Soul”

Nominated for AAA Single of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “One Voice”

Last year’s winner for “Best Dance Single” at the Los Angeles Music Awards, Jacqueline Grace, a sultry, stunning twenty-three year old singer/songwriter of Filipino/Mexican extraction, was born in New York City, grew up a California girl on the sunny beaches of San Diego, graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California, and she mixes it all up again in her new CD, “A Global Soul”. Few American pop performers take the idea of global pop hip-hop so literally. Inspired by her love of traveling and experiencing other cultures and belying the typical portrayal of the sexy young pop star as vacuous and empty-headed, her songs reflect gypsy worldliness and humanity as well as her own sharp wit and insight. Her new CD, “A Global Soul” is a blend of pop hip-hop with an intelligent old-world edge. The soulful ‘Desire’ is a romantic tango sung both in English and in Spanish. “I wanted to write a song that had the influence of tango but could be blasted on mainstream airwaves. The inspiration of the song comes from what I think the dance of the tango represents: passion, ego, desire.” The words are sung joyfully. She writes about ambition, upbeat and aggressive, and takes the talk to the dance floor. “The music takes you or breaks you.” Nominated for the “Best Pop Vocalist” at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards, Jacqueline Grace uses her clear and powerful, sweet and beautiful voice to sing us a series of simple inspirational equations in three languages, including a blend of Tagalog: “It takes just one heart beating but it makes us start to see in each other that we’re the same voice.” Grace’s words and music well up hopefully, introducing subtle variations, despite the clear implication that romance is not a straightforward dance. It’s just what people all over the world do every day, and it’s for all those people Jacqueline Grace is singing.