Jacqui Hylton

Highlight Reel

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Jazz, Pop, Blues
Band Members
Jacqui Hylton and The Ladies of Jazz
Los Angeles, CA
Record Label
Freedom Music Records – Independent
Short Description
For bookings: jacquihylton@gmail.com
Long Description
Born with a passion to inspire and ignite the souls of those who hear her songs, singer/songwriter Jacqui Hylton continues to capture audiences with her lush vocals and raw harmonic resonance. Her sound has developed into an acoustic blend of American pop and jazz—vibrant melodies generously supporting songs carrying messages of hope, love and simple truths. Her deep wish is, “To use music as a tool to heal, comfort and inspire others to greatness” and notes that, “If I can give people the hope to believe in themselves, then my work has been accomplished.”
Ms. Hylton created The Power of Women Music concerts to be an instrument of change—to address the inequality of female musicians and artists in the music industry and to uplift non-profit organizations that support women and children. Jacqui is inspired to uphold The Foundation for Special People, a non-profit organization for people with disabilities www.foundationsforspecialpeople.org and The HerShe Group, a non-profit mentoring program for young women in the foster care system, www.hershegroup.org.

After studying with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Jacqui showcased her talents with Oscar Peterson’s protégé jazz pianist Ken Skinner and the Jazz Mongers. Well know in the Los Angeles Music Scene as a musician and singer, she has built a solid fan base.

Jacqui heads her own all female band Jacqui Hylton and The Ladies of Jazz which includes the talents of critically acclaimed charismatic bassist Nedra Wheeler, Grammy nominated pianist Gail Jhonson, and grammy nominated saxophonist Carol Chaikin, as well as a team of exceptional musicians.

She has received special recognition for her music and has recorded two albums on her independent label Freedom Music Records.

Jacqui Hylton has been long active in the Los Angeles community as a supporter for women in music. She is a member of LAWIM (Los Angeles Women in Music). Established in 1986, Los Angeles Women in Music (LAWIM) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to fostering equal opportunity for women in the music industry and to promoting the advancement of women through empowerment, support, education, encouragement and recognition of their achievements. The goals and activities of Los Angeles Women in Music are founded on the belief that women and men working together in mutual respect, sharing abilities and expertise, will strengthen the music business and the music that is at its heart. LAWIM recognizes the unique and valuable contributions of women and advocate a musical world where these contributions are acknowledged and talents are nurtured. LAWIM provides forums and opportunities for emerging talents; pay tribute to women who have made distinctive and/or significant contributions to our musical culture; recognize those individuals/organizations/entities) who have contributed to the betterment of women in music; provide educational programs and events at large; and give rise to social and civic issues in our local community through musical endeavors.
Jacqui Hylton lives on the high note of life and is dedicated to creating a revolution of awareness within the music world. Thank you for supporting The Power of Women in Music.


Singer/Songwriter/Creator of The Power of Women in Music
Current Location
Los Angeles, CA