Jagger Cook

Highlight Reel

2008 nominee

Jagger Cook’s music could best be described as an anthology of life…a collection of thoughts, ideas, experiences and events that formulate and construct the stories of the human condition. His debut record “All Our Hands Are Dirty” is raw, honest, heartfelt and thought provoking !!

Jagger Cook is an award winning Canadian singer/songwriter that currently resides in Los Angeles, California and Niagara, Ontario. He’s been playing and writing music since he was eight years old. With the help of an old harmonica, a twelve string guitar and a relentless search for knowledge, he was able to transform years of childhood demons into a life of love and inspiration.

Today, Jagger’s music touches the hearts and souls of people all around the world. By bearing his soul in a raw and authentic way he reminds people that there is a common thread to our human condition, a light in all of us that can no longer be denied.

To contact Jagger:
Can Tel: 905.933.7182
USA Tel: 818.749.7165
Email: info@jaggercook.com

RADIO/PRESS: Yvonne Valnea / Last Tango Productions
PH: 416-538-1838 Email: lasttango@rogers.com