Jason Harvey

Nominated for Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

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Once ever so often we have the opportunity to experience the gift and the passion of one true talent. That person comes along and captivates our hearts, speaks to our souls, and forever changes our lives.

Emerging from Memphis, Tennessee, with musical roots as deep as the South itself, Jason Harvey delivers innovative melodies with melodic, guitar-driven rifts and a voice that is as soulful and rich as the Southland to which he belongs.

With conviction and confidence, Jason Harvey presents music the way that it was meant to be heard, felt and lived!

Through captivating performances and a show-stopping personality, Jason Harvey takes the hand of the audience and leads them on the journey of a lifetime, a path filled with love, hate, sorrow and joy. An experience that relates to your own past, present and the unknown future to come.

Once, every so often, such a person comes along and touches the world. A person with passion, conviction and heart-a person that hears and a person that answers. Jason Harvey is that person and he has answered.

Experience the music, the passion, the conviction, the soul.

Experience Jason Harvey