Jay Shredder

Live Performance

1991 Presenter – Best Guitar on a Slow Song – 1st Annual LA Music Awards (Local Music Awards) Stilletto/jaki cantlin “Reasons”

This never before seen footage of one of the greatest guitar battles in the history of rock n’ roll features appearances by local LA guitar legends Tommy Pittam, Vivian Campbell and the amazingly underachieving Jay Shredder. Shredder, who at one point was the most sought after guitarist on earth, took his life down a course that led to a life of utter misery. Tommy Pittam, who played briefly with former Warner Bros. recording artists Bullet Boys, moved back east to pursue a career doing God knows what. Of the three who did this memorable performance, only Vivian Campbell ended up actually having a career in music. The concept for Guitar Wars was created by both Al Bowman and Jay Shredder after seeing the film “Crossroads” starring Ralph Macchio and featuring an appearance by guitar legend Steve Vai. The promotion lasted 6 weeks at the Redondo Beach Red Onion and had packed audiences every Wednesday in the Fall of 1991. This video was posted by Max Worthington, himself an amazing guitar wizard!