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2011 Nominee – Pop Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Black Magic”

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but now calling Los Angeles her home, Jaymie Elliott is quickly making her mark on the music scene. A singer as long as she can remember, Elliott is wowing audiences with her unique style and vocals, proving that actually being able to sing is still important to music success. Elliott did not come to L.A. to be a carbon copy of other singers. She came to show what she can do and to put her own unique stamp on the industry. Signed to an independent label almost as soon as she made the decision to turn pro, Elliott has already recorded her first album and is preparing to introduce her music to an even wider audience. “I have been preparing myself for this opportunity since I was little,” Elliott explained. “I am not going to waste this chance. I know I bring something to the table and I give my all to my music and my performances. What I sing is not from some formula, it is real and it is from the heart. I think people who hear me and come see me perform feel this and I know it makes a difference in the music and to the person listening or watching.” 
Elliott is already working on new music and is always working on her live performances, something she takes very seriously. Not one to rely on just her very capable voice, she is a true “show person,” staging her shows with dancers, wardrobe changes and high energy.