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Nominated for POP Album of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “My Show”

Hello to my Fans! Friends! Supporters! and the World!

So, I think it’s time for an Official JAYSIN Music Video, right?
( Everyone say YEAH! )
And I don’t mean just ANY video, this work of art will be a MONSTER thanks to the incomparable skills of my new Director, Kantz, and his amazing film company Modus Operandi Pictures. Seriously, I’m sooo excited cause this dude is the Business!! His recent film just got a Worldwide Release and will be going to Cannes (yup that’s right ) and one of his many other films starred Treach from Naughty By Nature!! With the skills of Kantz and his crew,

But…before we get toooo excited to see this masterpiece,
I have to first ask a favor. We gotta raise the funds to do it and . . .
I need your help.

As you probably know, music videos cost lots and lots of money – VH1 used to list how much videos cost for an artist as some kind of contest! It’s usually very pricey with all the filming and editing magic, but since Kantz sees my vision and I see his, we’ve talked about a very reasonable budget that will look like we spent a whole lot more! That’s siiick!! It’s gonna be INcredible!

What I need is to raise $5000 and our crew will go into production ASAP! I’ve been real busy lately writing and recording some hot, new sexy songs and hitting the red carpet to get things started. I’ve already raised some of the funds necessary to make this dream happen, but I can’t do it alone. I need you…so let’s go!!

Do you think we can do it? … I say, YES WE CAN !

This website, KICKSTARTER, is ALL about helping Artists with vision like me, make their visions reality. ( kuhl, that rhymed!! lol ) And my vision is to make you, my Friends, Fans and Supporters, a music video that will BLOW UR MIND!

AND…not only will you be helping me support that vision, but . . .

Yup, just for helping me reach my goal, you receive PRIZES!! ( Woot! )
Who doesn’t like prizes right??

I’ve come up with a bunch of creative and exciting gifts, to say THANK YOU for your support. The rewards range from really BIG stuff like me flying DIRECT to perform for you or being a STAR IN MY VIDEO to some smaller items. You can get an iPOD NANO, Limited Edition Jaysin T-Shirts, Posters, etc..
There’s even a level of support that includes me bringing my band to come ROCK YOUR BACKYARD, or front lawn…we can make it hot ANYWHERE!

All Rewards are displayed on the right side of the screen here, so please check them out and see which reward you think rocks the most and DO IT!
The prizes get really exciting as they increase!!

So other than tha good vibes of giving to help me reach my goal ( a noble cause =) you also get awesome stuff! Kuhl, right?!
#winning!! Hahaaaaa!

There is ONE catch tho . . .

What makes Kickstarter unique is after you make your pledge, your credit card will only be charged after we reach our target goal of $5,000. ** This guarantees you’ll only be contributing toward a project that is ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. It also means that if we fall short of the goal I won’t receive any contributions, you won’t get any kuhl stuff, . . . . . and the project will not go forward.

So it’s all …or nothing! Let’s do this!!

I wouldn’t be where I am today (or anywhere for that matter) without you guys. You are my inspiration! A lot of you ask me how you can become more involved with my music and help make me the next big deal . . . . . . . . . well THIS IS IT!!

I believe we can do it. I’ve got a GREAT FILM CREW, an AMAZING DIRECTOR, and a GROUND-BREAKING VISION and with your confidence in me, I will not let you down.

Let’s reach our goal by June 6th and make an EPIC MUSIC VIDEO together!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Now, let’s make it happen!