Jeff Findl

Instrumental of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Interior Guest Director – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Performance Coordinator – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

Segment Coordinator – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

2012 Performer Coordinator – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Performer Coordinator (Back Stage) – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

About Jeff Findl
Long Beach, CA
Jeff is a pretty much a hobbyist guitar player who enjoys composing and recording instrumental songs. Jeff keeps busy with the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists (Southern California) and performs occasionally at farmer’s markets, art galleries, college events, or other small venues. Jeff has had a few modest musical accomplishments. At past Los Angeles Music Awards, he was awarded Instrumental Artist of the Year, and was a two-time nominee for Guitarist of the Year. Jeff’s most recent CD – Beach Buzz Instrumentals remained on the New Age Reporter Top-100 Airplay Chart for five months (10/07 to 2/08). This 21-song CD, along with individual song downloads are available online ($10 for CD) at and, as well as Napster, Appletunes, Rhapsdy, and others. Jeff’s songs are available for TV, film, and commercial background placements thru a bunch of music libraries / publishers upon inquiry. “Jeff Findl and the Acoustic Accomplices” is a group of eight (8) Los Angeles area musicians that recorded 21-original songs (Beach Buzz Instrumentals CD) featuring the nylon-string guitar, piano, and other orchestral accompaniment. This musical group was a studio-created band brought together by Los Angeles record producer Ronan Chris Murphy to record Jeff’s guitar-based compositions.

Jeff Findl & the Acoustic Accomp

“Jeff Findl and the Acoustic Accomplices” are a studio-created band brought together by Los Angeles record producer Ronan Chris Murphy (Veneto West Studio) to record the guitar-based compositions written by Jeff Findl. All the talented musicians invited to play at the recording sessions were handpicked by Ronan Chris Murphy. These musicians each added their particular specialty to the mix. Our music blends very melodic acoustic guitar playing with beautifully supported orchestration. It’s emotionally uplifting music with a cool groove, and the occational surprise left turn. The elegant keyboards were performed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi who has toured with the likes of Yani and Andy Summers (The Police guitarist). Bassist Ian Sheridan recently returned from a major world tour with Jason Mraz. Drummer Victor Bisetti was a long time drummer / percussionist for the popular band Los Lobos. In his touring days, pedal steel guitarist Dave Pearlman played with Dan Fogelberg’s band. Guitarist Jeff Findl was the Instrumental Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards. In an earlier effort, Jeff Findl’s 2004 album titled “Somebody Got Happy Fingers” rose to #5 on the New Age Reporter airwaves chart. The songs from the past album have since been recomposed, re-recorded and included on the new 21 song CD. This wholly-owned music is available for licensing for use in film, TV, commercials or other applications (ASCAP).