Jenna Music

Live Performance

Acceptance Speech

nominated for outstanding popĀ artist 9th annual LA Music Awards

Nominee female singer songwriter and Performer at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Jenna, born and raised in Malibu, CA, has spent a majority of time turning life experiences into songs. “My inspiration to write songs comes from unraveling mysteries about people.” There is no lack of formal music education when it comes to Jenna, but she’ll confess that her best teacher was life outside the classroom. Jenna began humming her own unique pop-rock melodies when she was 11, and as soon as she persuaded her parents to buy her a guitar, those melodies became solid pop-rock tunes. “I grew up listening to songwriters like Tom Petty, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Rickie Lee Jones and Van Morrison, and I’ve always identified with songs that had universal messages and memorable melodic hooks.” Jenna is a firm believer that music translates best when human emotion and melody unite, and this philosophy exemplifies itself in her catalogue of over 200 songs.

Jenna constantly expresses her passionate vision of following dreams within her lyrics. “Life is not easy,” she says, “but why waste it being unhappy and unsatisfied when you can just as easily live every day to its fullest, staying close to your heart’s desires?”

Jenna’s dream to perform her own songs live and lead a rock band has definitely come true. Her intimate body language excites her audience, inviting them to become participants in the live show. As she explains in an interview, “I write songs for myself, but I perform them for my fans. I give the audience a little piece of me to take home.” Her band, Jenna Music, performs regularly in the Los Angeles club circuit at the Viper Room, The Gig and The House of Blues. They also tour other US markets including San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Arizona, New Mexico, Dallas, and Hawaii. They’ve performed at the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, GA., in Phoenix for the Jim Beam Unsigned Band Contest at the Hard Rock Cafe, and several NAMM conventions in Los Angeles, performing for Taylor Guitars, Gibson and Epiphone Guitars. Many songs from Jenna Music, including “Reality Hurts,” “If It’s Love,” “Moving Like Water,” and “Cracker Jack” have been featured in independent and feature films, as well as on various television shows including the WB’s “Dawson’s Creek,” FOX’s “Time Of Your Life”, MTV’s “Real World,” and the hit Canadian series “Edgemont.”

Jenna, along with her band, has received numerous achievement awards including those from Ticketmaster, Discmakers, and Musician Magazine, the two latter of which included Jenna’s song, “Moving Like Water” onto their Unsigned Band Compilation CD’s. Most recently, Jenna Music was honored at the Los Angeles Music Awards by receiving the award for Outstanding Female Singer/Songwriter! Her songs have been broadcast on Los Angeles KLOS, KIIS-FM, the famed KSCA and KROQ, as well as Phoenix’s KEDJ, Nashville’s Thunder 94, Dallas’ KKZN-The Zone and Hawaii’s KPOI-The Edge.

Passion runs rampant in the heart of this young and exceptionally talented artist. Jenna’s ever-evolving flame is sophisticated, warm and welcoming, yet her inner fire remains wild.