Jennifer Young

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1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards “Contemporary American Heritage Award” Gig Young

Pop/Soul/Country/Fun Music
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Jennifer Young Band
Los Angeles
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Peace, Love & Music is my Religion
Hiya! I come from a Famous family background my father was Oscar Winning actor and Golden Globe winner Gig Young and my mother was Elaine Young the “Original” Realtor to the Stars selling homes to Elvis Presley Elizabeth Taylor,Smokey Robinson, Frank Sinatra, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone Laura Dern & Ben Phillips just to name a few, I am a Singer, Best Selling author, Producer & Designer I love the beach, taking pictures, helping others & enjoying the fun things that life has to offer I am very easy going & fun to be around when I go out.. a slice of pizza and Veggies, a good band= I am a happy camper Peace Love & Music
Current Location
Los Angeles
Artists We Also Like
John Mayer, John Waite, Madonna, Cher, Pretenders, Classic rock, 70’s, 80’s Music, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy
Madonna, Karen Carpenter,Crissy Hind, Adele, Incubus, Led.Zepplin John Wait, Dolly Parton ,Lenny Kravits, Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson, Barbara Striesand Linda Ronstadt,
Band Interests
Recording, writing, singing, Outdoor Music Festivals…