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Jeordie Schekeryk

Submerged into the Southwest music scene, a transplant from the East Coast,
Jeordie has a lot to bring to the stage as a performer. Being a daughter of 60’s musical artist Melanie (“Brand New Key”,” Lay Down” &”Beautiful People”), she has been performing since age five & was a TV guest on the Joe Franklin show with her sister promoting their single “Grandma We Love You”, at age four. Music has always been in her genes and huge part of her life.
Singing along side her mother & siblings, & seeing the magic of a worldwide fan base, Jeordie’s goal has always been to share her own music with audiences everywhere. And with some words of wisdom from her mom, “make music your life”, she set out to do just that.
The best part about Jeordie, her music and the person, is that there is very little distinction between the two. Her musical contributions are a breath of fresh air to our current music culture. This is a girl who can sing, write and play her own instrument without the help of studio magic. She has the ability to please audiences young & old as a true entertainer can.
Jeordie has now performed at festivals, state fairs and arenas of all different sizes including The Kerrville Folk Festival Texas, A Day in the Garden Woodstock Reunion 1998, and The Winnipeg Folk Fest, Canada . She has also performed as a support act for Dido, Jewel, Indigo Girls, and Sade as well as a part of the Brooks & Dunn’s Country Circus in Phoenix AZ.
Jeordie’s music gives deep & friendly advice, on a sultry rock, melodic platform. Her style is a blend of modern pop themes and folk rock guitar. She has a catalog of music that ranges from upbeat and positive to introspective and melancholy and has the ability to create visual imagery, through her lyrics, melodies and performances.
Currently residing in Tempe AZ., she is generating a growing base of listeners by remaining active in the Southwest music scene and touring as a support act with her mother Melanie. She recently released her Live 22 track “Bootlegs”, CD and is currently touring to promote this new live collection.
Occasionally Jeordie will please her audiences with an unsuspecting cover or two, and maybe even one of mom’s songs that she sang back upon for years. Jeordie is a real performer so; the best way to hear her music is live!