Jeremy Buck

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Jeremy Buck is a songwriter pure and true who is constantly on a mission to create a life with meaning and music worth hearing. With his creative and relentless innovation he has built 3 different musical vehicles of which he performs.

His newest creation, BuckTronica, features his multi-instrumental skills, while he utilizes a looping pedal to mix multiple instruments together at the same time. Often referred to as a “One Man Band from the Future”, Jeremy plays the drums, electronic drums, 4-5 different keyboards, bass, guitar, vocoders, and live samplers to create a stimulating full band sound along with a live show that is truly cutting edge that leaves audiences in awe. This combination of technology inspired his most recent album, “VIBE”. The new sounds on “VIBE” are quite a departure from the earlier Rock albums such as; “Fools Gold” & “You Are a Star” that Buck created with his band mates, Chris Hanna (Guitar) and Joel Geist (Bass), known as “Jeremy Buck & The Bang”. For “VIBE”, Buck went full circle and pulled some ideas from the quirkiness of his first album, “A Secret Made of Dreams” and combined it with his love for up-beat Pop enthused electronic sounds and blended the two together to create a style of music that he dubs “PopRockTronica”.

His second creation is known as, “Buck Naked”, which features a more stripped down solo performance by Jeremy that is much like being huddled around a campfire with the sweet sounds of just a single guitar and vocal belting our powerful heartfelt melodies. The Buck Naked live shows are vibrant and fun all with a minimalistic tone and a clever sense of humor. Ultimately, this is where the song is at its purest form of just a vocal, piano and the truth. He is currently in the works on recording a full length all acoustic album called “Buck Naked” that will consists of some new material as well as some songs that have already been released.

Finally, his most notable musical engagement would be his full band, “Jeremy Buck & The Bang”. Jeremy combines the talents of guitarist Chris Hanna, bassist Joel Geist to create one hell of a Rock/Pop Trio known for their highly energetic and unforgettably entertaining live shows. The group’s 4th studio album, “You Are a Star” has received rave reviews, including their popular single, “Just For One Night”, which was picked up by Los Angeles rock radio station 100.3FM The Sound, where it ranked #5 in the new music rotation, alongside Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Green Day. Domestically the group has toured extensively with strong followings in the Midwest, Northwest, Southern California, and Tokyo, Japan. They have shared stages with Blues Traveler, Marcy Playground, Cheap Trick, Rocco Deluca, Eisaku Yoshida, The Sweet and many more.

Jun. 4, 2014
VIBE – (Album)
Jeremy Buck

Feb. 20, 2014
Turn My Ship Around – (Single)
Jeremy Buck

Jul. 23, 2013
Baby Lullabies & Relaxing Piano Instrumentals – (Album)
Jeremy Buck & The Bang

May 25, 2012
Soldier Song (One More Tomorrow)
[Feat. Heath Francis] – (Single)
Jeremy Buck

April 28, 2011
You Are a Star – (Album)
Jeremy Buck & The Bang

Jan. 1 2009
Jeremy Buck and the Bang – EP – (5 Song EP)
Jeremy Buck & The Bang

April 25, 2007
Fools Gold – (Album)
Jeremy Buck & The Bang

April 18, 2005
A Secret Made of Dreams – (Album)
Jeremy Buck & The Bang