Jeremy Curran

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Performer at the 16th Annual LA Music Awards

At FutureSimple, we’re nutty about helping small businesses grow. And there’s nothing that makes us happier than hearing from one of customers!

Jeremy Curran recently dropped us a line from Sydney Australia to share his business’s story.

Future Simple: Tell us a bit about your business

Jeremy: Musical Functions is a boutique live music booking agency operating in Sydney, Australia. We provide live music for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. The owner has been playing violin since the age of three and he used to produce concerts for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. You can find us at

Future Simple: Tell us a bit about how you use PipeJump and how it helps your business

Jeremy: We use Pipejump to more easily manage the hundreds of customer leads we get each year. PipeJump lets us track communication with each customer, the value of each deal and most importantly, how close the customer is to converting to purchasing our service.

Future Simple: What’s your favorite feature in PipeJump?

Jeremy: There are thousands of CRM solutions available all over the Internet – all trying to be everything to everyone! My favourite feature of PipeJump is that it requires no customisation!!!!! Eat that Salesforce/Sugar/Zoho! The intuitiveness of the interface means that, not only do I NOT have to customise it to suit my business because out of the box it already does everything I need, but I actually want to use it on a day-to-day basis. It’s all well and good to implement a CRM solution for your business – but if it’s hard to learn and hard to use, you and your staff won’t use it. Simple :)

Thanks Jeremy – we couldn’t agree more!