Jim Maropoulos

Live Performance

2011 Nominee – Guitarist of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

2014 Nominee – Guitarist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

2010 Producers Choice Award – Spiritual Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Lead Guitarist of the Chasen Project

CHASEN Project originally started in early 1986 as the band CHASEN when Vocalist/Guitarist Mark Chasen and Lead Guitarist Jimmy Maropoulos decided to start a new project after both had spent time in the popular Philly/South Jersey band Whitefoxx. Chasen, a founding member of Whitefoxx, decided to form a writing team with Maropoulos. Chasen and Maropoulos had always worked very well together. Jeff LaBar had originally recommended Maropoulos to Whitefoxx after LaBar left Whitefoxx to join Cinderella. With bassist Donie Bufalo and drummer Jimmy “Feek” Ferraioli as part of the original lineup, Chasen, Maropoulos, Bufalo & Ferraioli went on to form the band CHASEN. Bobby Buerklin played keyboards for the band and sang backup vocals. The band is now known as CHASEN Project because a Christian rock group named Chasen is already signed to a record label. Mark Chasen studied Classical and Opera voice at Bryn Mawr Conservatory of Music in PA and also voice strengthening with Elizabeth Sabine in LA. Mark also studied guitar with teachers Chuck Anderson and Doug Marks. His Uncle Albert Harris Directed a play called “Stardust” which hit Broadway in 1990. His grandfather Charlie Chasen played guitar in a trio called Three Shades of Rhythm with Buddy Greco in 1945.

The band CHASEN headlined shows in Philly at the Empire Rock Room and in South Jersey at The Galaxy for a while among other gigs, then later in 1986, Chasen and Maropoulos left for Los Angeles CA to work on getting a record deal. Through close friend Dan Hicks, auditions were held at MI for Bass players and Drummers. This is when the LA version of CHASEN formed with Chasen, Maropoulos, and new members, Bassist Tim Miller and Drummer Mike Brahm. Chasen’s father, Len Chasen was a former musician and began to manage the band and really did well for the band. Chasen headlined Gazzari’s night club on Sunset Strip, The Troubadour in West Hollywood, Madame Wongs in LA and they also played a show at the famous Roxy Theatre. They were photographed by Robert John (GNR) for their press kit. The band ran into legendary producer Kim Fowley (The Runaways). Fowley took an interest in the band and they spent months with Fowley in rehearsals and in Paramount Recording studios in Hollywood cutting a 3 song demo. Fowley produced the 3 songs; Gene Meros former Engineer on a few Van Halen albums engineered the tracks. Fowley was present at gigs and the band was doing well in LA/Hollywood. The band then went into the studio with Producer Neil Citron to cut 2 more songs. All 5 songs (Fowley and Citron produced) can be heard on this CD along with another 5 powerful songs. Also at that time Tom Keifer (Cinderella) was in LA and recommended an entertainment attorney to the band. In late 1987 Chasen and Maropoulos decided to go back to Philadelphia and re-form CHASEN back with Bufalo on Bass and added new drummer George Snyder. CHASEN then ended up in the studio in Saratoga Springs New York, got interviewed on a TV station in Albany NY and played a record company showcase in New York City. With Chasen, Maropoulos, Bufalo and Snyder, CHASEN played shows for another year and then the members of CHASEN went off to do other musical projects. This CD is dedicated to the memory of drummer Jimmy “Feek” Ferraioli.

In 2010 Jim Maropoulos won an award for producer’s choice Spiritual Artist of the Year at the LA Music Awards. Donie Bufalo is a very talented and sought after bass player in the Philly area.

Mark Chasen went on to join a band called Audio Mob in 1991 that had some success in the Philly area playing local shows once opening for STYX at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby PA. In 2006 He was in a band, Motornature with Shawn Cahill on guitar, Dave Daniels on Bass, and Chris Nerone on drums. Motornature cut 3 songs in Joe DeLuca’s Why Me Recording studio in New Jersey. Those tracks can be heard on this CD. – See more at: http://fnarecords.net/index.php/chasen-project.html#sthash.H5OYCdJm.dpuf