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Nocturnal Creatures good evening and welcome again.
For your holiday listening enjoyment is Alex LigertwoodÕs excellent record SeasonÕs Greetings. Featured are beautiful renditions of favorite traditional holiday songs, some having that olde tyme jazzy feel to it, and wonderful newly written songs like ÒChristmas Angel (Lullaby of Ruby Grace),Ó ÒSeasonÕs Greetings,Ó ÒChristmas Through A ChildÕs Eyes,Ó and ÒChristmas In L.A.Ó Performing with Alex are keyboardist Tommy Eyre, guitarist Marino, violinist Scarlet Rivera, vocalist Jason Scheff (Chicago), Eric Rigler on pipes and keyboardist Richard Baker. Together they have created a memorable Christmas record that is timeless. To obtain a copy log on to
Klear has a great rockinÕ 5 song EP that features some impressive guitar work from Brian Olivar, strong vocals from Mitch L and powerful drumming from Jeff Wallace. It was produced by Geza X (Meredith Brooks), Warren ÒKingÓ Croyle (Brian Setzer) and Sally Browder (Dwight Yoakum). Definitely be on the lookout for this band to take off! And check out their show at the Coconut Teaszer January 13.
Serving up some fine and excellent southern rock is Alligator Stew featuring the exceptional talents of Gary Jeffries on vocals and guitar, John Andrews on guitar, Doug Richardson on bass and T.C. Markle on drums. Be on the lookout for their next show.
Hutch, featuring Joe Hutchinson, has a new record out filled with great catchy tunes reminiscent of some of the great songs by The Beatles. The song ÒSo Spaced OutÓ was the #1 pick for several weeks on VH1/MTVÕs Emerge, a new talent website. And D.A.R.E. is featuring his music in an educational film for high school students.
Simon Daniels will rock down The Gig Hollywood on January 11.
The next Guitarapalooza Show will be in January at the Baked Potato Hollywood with Rick Brannon and Curtis playing. And it will be the record release party for the second Guitarapalooza CD. For their February show they are looking for additional guitarists to play. For more info call Rick Brannon at (818) 760-3004.
Bar Sinister (1652 N. Cherokee) will host Ladies of Dark Decadence Night with Diva Destruction and Faith & Disease performing on December 16.
JosieÕs debut record Unkunvenshunal Girl (Qwest/Warner Bros.) is filled with lyrically charged pop songs. She wrote nine of them with Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Ashley Ingram, two with producer/songwriter James Harrah and one with producer/songwriter Harvey Mason, Jr. Grammy award winning producer Andre Fischer was the executive producer.
James Newton Howard composed a delicately beautiful and spellbinding score for the suspenseful movie Unbreakable (Hollywood Records).
The WhiskyÕs new Whisky Legends Series will start off with Nancy Sinatra and Eric Burdon on December 29.
Samantha 7, featuring C.C. DeVille, is wrapping up a three week Sunday night gig at The Viper Room with their last show there on December 17.
Sting received his *STAR* on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in front of the El Capitan Theatre. Attending to honor him were his wife Trudy Styler and his son, Jerry Moss (M of A&M Records), Miles Copeland and Tom Schumacher, President of Disney Animation. Sting wrote songs for the new Disney animated feature The EmperorÕs New Groove that opens December 15. Next to receive their *STAR* will be Bob Eubanks on December 29. For more info call the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at (323) 469-8311.
Full MoonÕs (Ah-oo) new movie Horror Vision is about Òa webmaster logging into Òhorrorvision.comÓ – a website that kills all that come across it. When he and his friends fall victim to the site, a mysterious figure comes to his aid to unravel the evil mystery and stop the sinister being at the helm.Ó (In reality, it is an actual website so check it out) From Surrender Cinema comes Regina Pierce Affair about Òa sexy art thief looking to pull off her one last score. Trouble arises when the handsome detective falls hard and fast for her.Ó Both movies will hit video stores January 9.
Laserium, at the Griffith Observatory, is in the Christmas spirit with their Laser Holiday 3D show. Also playing is Pink FloydÕs The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, Laserock and Laser Visions. For showtimes and more info call (818) 997-3624.
Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) will host Bob Burns signing It Came From BobÕs Basement: Exploring the Science Fiction & Monster Movie Archive of Bob Burns, December 16, 2pm. For more info call (818) 556-6660.
American Cinematheque will host at The Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd.) A Tribute To Willem Dafoe December 15-18. A special benefit premiere of Shadow Of The Vampire will be December 15. Other movies showing will be director Walter HillÕs Streets Of Fire, which has an excellent soundtrack, and director William FriedkinÕs To Live And Die in L.A. December 21-30 will be Dickens On Film, movies made from Charles Dickens novels. Some of the movies showing will be the Academy Award-Winning Picture Oliver!, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol with June Lockhart attending. January 10-14 will be DirectorÕs Cut Series. Showing will be Ridley ScottÕs Legend, Terry GilliamÕs Brazil and more. For more info call (323) 466-FILM.
Upcoming movies are What Women Want (Mel Gibson) and Dude, WhereÕs My Car opening December 15, Finding Forrester (Sean Connery) opening December 19, Wes CravenÕs Dracula 2000, The Family Man (Nicholas Cage), Miss Congeniality and Cast Away opening December 22, Thirteen Days opening December 25, Traffic (Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas) opening December 27 and Shadow Of The Vampire opening December 29.
Sweet dreams lovely Nocturnal Creatures and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Nocturnal Creatures good evening and welcome again.
Civilization is a great tribal pop band to definitely check out. Their self-titled debut CD is filled with wonderful soulful and powerfully emotional music. A couple of outstanding songs are the romantic and beautiful ÒWholeÓ and the pretty and melodic ÒMidnight Ride.Ó They will perform at Luna Park November 3. Highly recommended!
Songbird Vonda Shepard, of Alley McBeal fame, will perform at the House of Blues November 18. Her new record A Very Ally Christmas will be released November 7 and it features numerous cast members and VondaÕs duet with Robert Downey, Jr.
SupertrampÕs Carl Verheyen will perform at the Key Club November 10 in celebration of his new record Atlas Overload and at the House of Blues for the 4th Annual Angles on Earth Benefit Concert and Awards Ceremony on November 17.
Torie Tyson will perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in West Hollywood November 16.
Mick FarrenÕs band The DeviantsÕ have a new record out entitled This CD is Condemned, which is a collection of their underground classic songs from 1967-1996. It was produced by Mick, who is also a British journalist and horror (Darklost) and sci-fi writer.
Cradle Of FilthÕs new record Midian (Koch) was released on Halloween (Ah-ooo) day. The song ÒDeath Magick For AdeptsÓ features Òa spine-tingling narrative by Doug Bradley, better known as Pinhead in Clive BarkerÕs Hellraiser films.Ó
For those who like to always stay in the Halloween spirit check out the following two new records. Tales From The Crypt, Monsters Of Metal features The CryptkeeperÕs favorite songs from bands like Dio, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Armored Saint, Pantera and many more. Between some of the songs, The Cryptkeeper has some fun things to say. And Monster Party 2000 is a collection of creepy, rockinÕ and fun monster and Halloween classics by the scariest bands around. Both are highly recommended.
The soundtrack for the thriller movie The Watcher (Varese Sarabande), scored by Marco Beltrami, is filled with haunting atmospheric music that has a touch of a Hitchcock feel to it. The movie stars James Spader and Keanu Reeves.
Cult Movies Magazine celebrated their 10th anniversary with a three day, star filled convention at the Hollywood Roosevelt. October 20 was the opening day and it was also Bela LugosiÕs birthday, which they honored. His son Bela Lugosi, Jr., Frank Dello Stritto, who wrote a bio on Lugosi, Vampire Over London, and people who personally knew Lugosi attended. Also there that day were our favorite Forrest J. Ackerman (4SJ), Mark Forest (Goliath, Hercules), Ann Robinson (War Of The Worlds), Robert Quarry (Count Yorga Vampire), Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman), author David J. Skal, June Wilkinson, David Hess (Last House On The Left), Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave), Joseph Turkel (The Shining), Jesse Vint, Kitten Natividad, Haji, Cynthia Myers, Lynn Carey, some Scream Queens, Count Smokula and many more. Fun, fun, fun.
Creature Features (1802 W. Olive) will host author and screenwriter (The Shining TV mini-series) Mick Garris, who will sign his new book A Life In the Cinema, on November 11, 1-3pm. For more info call (818) 842-9383.
Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) will host Chelsea Quinn Yarbro signing Come Twilight, Mick Garris, signing A Life In the Cinema, Robert Devereaux signing Santa Steps Out: A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups, Sharman DiVono signing Blood Moon, and Rain Graves and artist gak signing Blood of a Black Bird, November 4, 2pm. On November 10, 7pm, Stephen Jones will sign The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 11, Dark Terrors 5 and The Essential Monster Movie Guide. Joining him will be Dennis Etchison, Roberta Lannes, Mick Garris, Forrest J. Ackerman (4SJ) and Richard Christian Matheson. On November 11, 2pm, legendary celebrity psychic Kenny Kingston will sign I Still Talk To…. On November 18, 2pm, Jackie Stallone (SlyÕs mom) will sign Starpower: An Astrological Guide to Super Success. For more info call (818) 556-6660.
Legendary comedian Don Rickles received his *STAR* on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Attending to honor him were Dick Clark, Bob Newhart, Gary Owens, Estelle Harris, Tony Danza and Woody and Buzz Lightyear, characters from Disney/PixarÕs Toy Story 2. Rickles was Mr. Potato Head in the movie. For upcoming ceremonies call the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at (323) 469-8311.
American Cinematheque will host at The Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd.) The WorldÕs Greatest Sinner: A Tribute to Timothy Carey November 4-5. Then, director Stuart Rosenberg will attend and his movies Coolhand Luke and The Pope of Greenwich Village will show on November 8 and The Thin Red Line on November 9. On November 10-12 will be A Tribute To Czech Director Gustav Machaty. On November 15 will be a showcase of French Short Films. And on November 16 Now Chinatown will show. For more info call (323) 466-FILM.
Upcoming movies are CharlieÕs Angels (Drew Barrymore) opening November 3, Wonder Boys opening November 8, Little Nicky (Adam Sandler) opening November 10 and The 6th Day (Arnold!), Rugrats In Paris – The Movie, Bounce and The Grinch (Jim Carrey) opening November 17.
Sweet dreams lovely Nocturnal Creatures.


Nocturnal Creatures good evening and welcome again.
Carlos Santana, Grammy Award winning legend, and Martine Collette, dedicated founder of the Wildlife Waystation, will be honored at the Angels On Earth 4th Annual Award and Benefit Concert, November 17 at the House of Blues. (Hopefully SantanaÕs schedule will permit him to attend.) Angels On Earth, founded by International Award winning guitarist Marino, is a music for healing non-profit organization. Their mission is to bring angelic healing music, free of charge, to hospitals, surgeons, therapists, doctors and most importantly their patients. And they are the official music sponsor for the Muhammad Ali International Parkinsons Center. The musical director for the evening will be keyboard wizard Vince di Cola, whose impressive achievements include producing the music for Sylvester StalloneÕs movie Staying Alive and composing, arranging and producing the music for StalloneÕs Rocky IV. Performing this evening will be Vince di ColaÕs ÒIn-Vince-ibleÓ All Star Band, featuring Alex Ligertwood (Santana), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and Doug Bossi (David Coverdale), Marino Soundwaves with special guests famed violinist Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan), Keith Anderson (Les McCann) and Adrienne Frantz (The Bold and The Beautiful), and Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) – a night for real music lovers. Also being honored at this event will be Dr. Tony OÕDonnell, Chris DeRose (animal rights activist), Susana and Angelo Peloni of La Bruschetta Restaurant, Sonja Hagel, who will receive the Angel of Mercy award, and famed keyboardist Tommy Eyre (Joe Cocker). There will be an open bar and a gourmet buffet. During dinner, MarinoÕs new record The Unexpected Alliance (Quantum) will be premiered. Special thanks goes to Pat Ashby of Drum Dudes, who is donating free rehearsal time for all the star acts involved. The master of ceremonies will be Al Bowman, with Nina Blackwood, former MTV VJ, assisting him. For tickets and reservations call Peggy Summers at (626) 351-0928. For event updates log on to www.marinosoundwaves .com/gigs.
Mick Scott, former singer of Ana Black, wrote the lyrics and sings on the song ÒIn Sodomy (Take The Hit)Ó that will be featured in the new movie Bedazzled, starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley. The song can be heard in the segment where Brendan Fraser is singing and that will be Mick ScottÕs voice you hear. The movie opens October 20.
Lizzy Borden celebrated the release of his great hard rockinÕ record Deal With The Devil (Metal Blade) with a fun party at the Rainbow. Attending were LizzyÕs bandmates Alex Nelson, Joey Scott, Joey Vera and Marten Anderson, Metal BladeÕs Brian Slagel, Michael Faley, E.J. Johantgen, Tracy Vera and Martin Bailey, Long Paul and Diana DeVille of, Gerri Miller, Sandra Rodriguez of Priority Records, Lisa Bush, Ray Alder of Fates Warning and Sandy Landis of the Buzz Bar. The highly recommended record, which features impressive songs like ÒThere Will Be Blood TonightÓ and ÒHell Is For HeroesÓ and great cover art work by famed artist Todd Mcfarlane, was played during the evening. Thanks Lizzy and Metal Blade for a wonderful party.
Diana DeVille will host Godsmack on her show The Wild Side October 24, 1pm-5pm on
The Rainbow will have their annual Halloween Party October 29.
At the Key Club, Slaughter will rock down the venue for a GazzarriÕs Night November 1 and Jonny Lang will sing the blues November 2.
Songbird Jackie DeShannon will perform at the Whisky October 28. Her wonderful new record You Know Me (Varese Sarabande) is filled with pretty and captivating melodic pop tunes. Her talented band is guitarist Glenn Rottman, who is part of Guitarapalooza, guitarist Richard Bakalyan, bassist Paulo Gustavo, drummer Matt Forsyth and keyboardist Tony TerBorg.
The soundtrack for the movie Highlander: Endgame (GNP Crescendo), scored by Stephen Graziano and Nick Glennie-Smith, is filled with exquisite and spellbinding music that will take you into a Celtic world interwoven with older and modern songs.
Highly recommended is UniversalÕs spooktacular Halloween Horror Nights where you will definitely have a frightfully good time! Remaining scary nights are October 20, 21, 28, 29 and 31 (Halloween night – Ah-ooo).
Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Blvd.) will host Day Of The Dead October 28, 4pm. The free event will honor the ancient Latin American tradition of using art, offerings, food and humor to honor the communion between the living and the dead. There will be musical acts and dance troupes and traditional food.
Full MoonÕs (Ah-ooo) new movie Killjoy is about a ghastly killer clown killing off the bad guys…but is he a vigilante or a demon? And from their Surrender Cinema division comes The Exotic Time Machine 2: Forbidden Encounters, about time travelers going back in time to protect their time-traveling program and they meet and ÒmingleÓ with some of historyÕs most famous characters. Both movies hit video stores October 24.
Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) will host F. Paul Wilson, signing All The Rage, and Joshua Mertz, signing Machine Dreams, October 21, 2pm. For more info call (818) 556-6660.
Winona Ryder received her *STAR* on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Attending to honor her were Sir Anthony Hopkins (they starred in Bram StokerÕs Dracula) and Tom Rothman, Chairman of Fox Films. For upcoming ceremonies call the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at (323) 469-8311.
American Cinematheque will host at The Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd.) Mental Hygiene Films, hosted by Ken Smith, author of Mental Hygiene: Classroom Films 1945-1970, October 28-29. For more info call (323) 466-FILM.
Upcoming movies are The Yards opening October 20, The Little Vampire, Lucky Numbers and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 opening October 27 and CharlieÕs Angels (Drew Barrymore) opening Nov. 3.
Sweet dreams lovely Nocturnal Creatures and have a haunting good Halloween (Ah-ooo)!


Nocturnal Creatures good evening and welcome again.
Legendary record producer Phil Spector was at the Coconut Teaszer to see the band Minx!
SlashÕs Snakepit has made one hell of a record entitled AinÕt Life Grand (Koch) that features some impressive guitar work from Slash. It will be released October 10. The band is now on tour with AC/DC.
Doro has a new record out called Calling the Wild (Koch). Outstanding songs are ÒLove Me Forever,Ó featuring some excellent guitar work from Bob Kulick, and the beautiful ballad ÒAlone Again,Ó featuring Lemmy singing and playing an acoustic guitar! Other guests are Slash, Al Pitrelli and Eric Singer.
AC/DC were inducted into RockWalk. Attending to honor them were Bob Kulick, C.C. DeVille, Tracii Guns, Gilby Clarke, Tony Franklin, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Kathy Acquaviva, Gerri Miller, Lonn Friend and Buckethead.
C.C. DeVilleÕs band Samantha 7 are now on tour across the country in support of their self-titled debut record.
Lizzy BordenÕs great new record Deal With The Devil (Metal Blade) will be released October 10.
Dave Mason, The Nelsons, Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats and The Chantays will perform at The Redondo Beach Lobster Festival October 13-15. For more info call (310) 376-6911.
Folk rocker Cindy Alter and pop rocker Torie Tyson will perform at RustyÕs Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier October 10.
The ethereal record Moonlore by musician Llewellyn, will Òtake you into the mysterious and romantic ancient Druid world during the full moon (Ah-ooo) adjoining Samhain. And it celebrates the feminine and the Triple Goddess of druidic lore.Ó Perfect for Halloween!
The Cult Movies Magazine Convention 2000 will be October 20-22 at the Hollywood Roosevelt. The festivities will kick off with a party to celebrate Bela LugosiÕs 118 birthday on October 20 with his son Bela G. Lugosi and Frank Dello Stritto, who wrote a bio on Lugosi, Vampire Over London, attending. Lugosi will be there in spirit and vintage Lugosi films will be shown during the day. Also there will be our favorite Forrest J. Ackerman (4SJ), Mark Forest, Joe Dante, Karen Black, John Landis, Vampira, Kathy Wood and Dolores Fuller of Ed Wood fame, William Marshall (Blackula), Tim Thomerson (Near Dark), Linda Blair (The Exorcist), David Schow, Bernie Wrightson, Robert Quarry (Count Yorga Vampire), Bob Burns, Fred Olen Ray, Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman), Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive) and more. Movies showing at the New Beverly Cinema will be I Drink Your Blood, Spider Baby, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and The Thrill Killers. For more info call (310) 324-3106.
Two excellent books to sink your teeth into and get you more into the Halloween spirit are Mick FarrenÕs vampire novels The Time of Feasting and its sequel DarkLost. Within those dark, richly written pages are an interesting array of potent vampires awaiting you.
Highly recommended is the movie Almost Famous which features songs that will remind you how exciting the music from the early 70Õs was! A highlight was when Elton JohnÕs song ÒTiny DancerÓ was played and everyone in the movie started singing along. The soundtrack (Dreamworks) includes that classic song and songs from Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Who, The Allman Bros., Lynyrd Skynyrd, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and more. The film was scored by Nancy Wilson.
Buried underneath all the blood and gore youÕd expect (and they delivered!) in the horror movie Urban Legends: Final Cut, there is a really good story waiting to unfold. And amist all the blood there was comic relief and a stand out performance from vivacious actress Jessica Cauffiel. Her next movie will be Valentine starring heartthrob David Boreanaz of Angel fame.
Gloria Stuart (Titanic) received her *STAR* on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Attending to honor her were director James Cameron and his wife actress Suzy Amis and Leonard Maltin.
Golden Apple (7711 Melrose) will host Warren Ellis (Stormwatch) October 7, 1pm. On October 13, 6pm, Dan Brereton will sign Nocturnals: Troll Bridge. On October 18, 6pm, stars and artists from Les Vampyres, XXX video and comic book, will attend. For more info call (323) 658-6047.
Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) will host Raven Grimassi, signing Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft, October 8, 2pm. On Friday the 13th of October, 7pm, Frank Macchia and Tracy London, will sign the CD Little Evil Things 4, which are spooky stories set to music. On October 14, 2pm, will be Spectrum 7 – A Gathering of Artists, where their fantastic art will be on sale. On October 15, 12noon, Dragon Treasures and Tara Furberg Designs will sell their jewelry, and at 2pm will be A Killer ÒHalloweenÓ Day of Signing and Blind Auction, with Phil Nutman, Curtis Arnold and Daniel Farrands attending. For more info call (818) 556-6660.
American Cinematheque will host at The Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd.) Hollywood On Hollywood now-October 17, featuring movies where ÒHollywood looks at itselfÓ like Bombshell (Jean Harlow), The Oscar and Myra Breckinridge (Mae West, Raquel Welch). On October 12, Old Man River will show. On Friday the 13th of October, John CarpenterÕs Halloween will show with John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis attending. On October 18, the Egyptian Theatre will celebrate its 78th anniversary with the Buster Keaton silent movies Cops and Sherlock Jr. showing. Attending will be silent film historian John Bengtson. For more info call (323) 466-FILM.
Upcoming movies are Meet The Parents (Robert DeNiro), Get Carter (Sylvester Stallone) and Bamboozled (Damon Wayans) opening October 6, Lost Souls (Winona Ryder) and The Ladies Man opening October 13 and Bedazzled opening October 20.
Sweet dreams lovely Nocturnal Creatures.