Joe Brucato

Acceptance Speech

Nominated for Outstanding Male Singer/Songwriter 9th annual LA Music Awards

Joe Brucato is an American singer-songwriter. Between 1999 and 2010, Brucato has released three studio albums and two singles. He has recorded with such backing musicians as Steve Gadd (Drummer-Primarily Studio musician), Tony Levin (Bass-Peter Gabriel), Gary Mallaber (Drums- Steve Miller Band).
Early life
Joe was born in Rochester, New York. He graduated from Eastridge High School in Irondequoit, NY. His father, Chuck Brucato was one of the lead members of the Motown band The Rustix.
Early career highlights are: winning the 1999-2000 male singer/songwriter of the year award at The Los Angeles Music Awards held at the House of Blues in L. A., winning on an episode of Game Show Network TV show Extreme Gong and having his music used in TV shows such as Party Of Five and The Young and the Restless.
Studio albums
* Swallow All Of You (1999)
* ‘ (2007)
* Acoustic Joe Volume 1 (2009)
Non-Album Single Releases
* (2002) (With the Eastridge High School Select Chorus)
* Thank You Soldier (2010) (With The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra)