John Shippey

2013 Stage Hand – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Something to do with West LA Music

Visited West LA music to pick up a small practice amplifier so that the neighbors could hear how awful I am at guitar.  John Shippey took the time to go over all of the options for a small inexpensive amplifier, even suggesting which one had the better sound quality (and bringing me a guitar tuner!).  I ended up selecting a Fender model with echo, chorus and reverb effects which John also offered at a discount because it was a floor model.

They have a pretty large selection of acoustic guitars in a separate room, percussion section, amplifier room, and a great selection of electric guitars.  They were pretty open about letting me try stuff out.  There was even an electric drum-kit that they let me jam around on for a while.

Very helpful and local-feel to the store.  John even sent a post-card thank you / follow up!