Jordan Birnbaum

Qtopia Management – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

The early life of Jordan Birnbaum
Starting out in the investment banking industry specializing in the Asian equity derivatives markets, Jordan Birnbaum achieved success from the very beginning of his career. He entered the corporate world at D.E. Shaw Securities, situated first in Manhattan, and then in London, England as a market maker. After showing promise while managing a portfolio of 75 items, Jordan Birnbaum was promoted to having the responsibility of co-managing all activities on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As a market maker of equities, Jordan Birnbaum further whet his skill of being able to spot calculated risk worth betting on. This useful attribute was of great benefit to Jordan Birnbaum later in his career at Juno as well as when he placed a vested interest in the risky venture of Qtopia Events Inc. in Hollywood.
Jordan Birnbaum at Juno
Subsequent to his triumphs at D.E. Shaw, Jordan Birnbaum moved into the technological industry at Juno, an up and coming company in the internet field. At Juno, Jordan Birnbaum was in charge of expanding the company’s list of subscribers. With clever manoeuvring, Jordan instigated a deal with the massive music and video concern Blockbuster that led to substantial expansion of the subscription base and also, by default, a major boost to Jordan Birnbaum’s career. After being promoted to Vice President and later Senior Vice President of Business Development, Jordan Birnbaum further extended Juno’s subscriber base with unconventional strategies and his innate ability to see unique opportunity. Being responsible for the generation of revenue, Jordan Birnbaum was instrumental in leading Juno to a successful IPO and six successive quarters of exceeding fiscal expectations.
Jordan Birnbaum hits Los Angeles
Jordan Birnbaum’s attraction to the media and entertainment industry led to him becoming interested in a company called Qtopia Events Inc. Qtopia Events Inc. was started with the express aim to create a space in which artists can produce recordings by day while doubling up as an entertainment venue at night. Jordan Birnbaum invested in Qtopia Events Inc. in 2001. An expensive lease on Holywood Boulevard and other contributing issues led to Qtopia Events Inc. not being as successful as anticipated. Refusing to let go of his investment, Jordan Birnbaum moved operations to Los Angeles and took on managerial responsibility. Qtopia was re-launched as Vanguard under Jordan Birnbaum’s lead and after breaking even for a couple of years, started showing a healthy profit.
The not very secret, Secret Beatnik Party
While managing Vanguard Jordan Birnbaum is in a position to pursue his lifelong aspiration of creating multi-media productions with his latest project. An imaginative and essentially creative person, Jordan Birnbaum thinks outside the box. This is made obvious with his latest venture; The Secret Beatnik Party. Paired with one of his favourite actors, Richard Belzer (Law & Order), Jordan Birnbaum plans to launch the Secret Beatnik Party towards the end of 2012. Aiming the release time to be around the time of the elections, Jordan Birnbaum is setting the stage for what he aims to be a semi-farcical political offering to the comedy world with his usual candid wit.
Jordan Birnbaum
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Policy Analysis, Cornell University

Founder of The Secret Beatnik Party


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