Jordan Perez

Live Performance

2012 Nominee – Instrumental Artist of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

All of songs with the exception of Ashes and Abduction have been reproduced by Jeff Bova an American Grammy Award winning keyboardist, composer, arranger and record producer. He has been active in music industry since the mid-1970s, contributing to dozens of recordings by significant mainstream artists like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Cyndi Lauper, Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock, Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson, Meat Loaf, Missing Persons, Iron Maiden, and Billy Joel among others

Digital Playboys the group who perform Ashes and My Abduction were brought together by Grammy Award winner Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum music producer, A&R executive, songwriter, and lawyer who is currently Artists and Repertoire consultant for Atlantic Records. Notably known for “discovering” and signing Linkin Park, Macy Gray, and The Last Goodnight. In addition to signing Limp Bizkit and Korn, he has written hit singles for artists such as Hoobastank, Syndicate, TLG and has produced numerous platinum movie soundtracks & major label albums resulting in more than 130 Million record sales worldwide. All songs for Digital Playboys were co-written by Jeff Blue, Mike Gonsolin, and Jordan Perez… It was a TRILL and Privilege to work with Jeff and Mike, they both are beyond talented, and they were really cool and made me feel at ease which encourage me to let go and help co-write and co-create the dubstep…which was surreal as you may imagine…Thanks guys!! Jordan Perez

My name is Jordan Perez and I am currently 19 years old. I am a Sophmore at Loyola Marymount University in California. I am currently studying Psychology and music composition/film as I would like to compose music for film ,T.V., and other media sources. While I always hated formal piano lessons, I adored sitting down when my parents were out and playing what I felt emotionally. As time went on, the piano became much more than an instrument for me. Each song I create tells a story from my life. It is in this aspect that the piano is like diary for me, and one that I hold deer to my heart. I truley hope you enjoy my music.

I have recently won the HMMA Award for best Contemporary Orchestral/ Instrumental for “Luna’s Lullybye” and Second place for “The Struggles Within” with the Dallas Songwriters Association. I had the opportunity to perform with “Orchestra Nova” a San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

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I am currently working with two Producers, Grammy Award Winning producer Jeff Blue of Atlantic Records who discovered Linkin Park and Grammy Award Winning producer Jeff Bova who has worked with Celine Dion and Micheal Jackson to name a few.

I have composed 10 songs which you can find on CD BABY, iTunes, as well as other online music sources. I am part of the band Digital Playboys and co-wrote two songs. I am a member of ASCAP and other music groups through LinkedIn.
I have composed two new songs this past summer, so stayed tuned while I get the online!!! I have performed at several charity events such as “Meet the Chefs of Del Mar”, “Keeping Dreams Alive with Jung-Ho Pak” and “The Crystal Ball” . All the charities that I work with benefit children. Lots of my songs were insirped by volunteering with these children. If you would like to contact me about performances or use of my current music please e-mail me @