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Career Achievement: Guitar Innovation¬†–¬†19th Annual LA Music Awards

Joy Basu is a dazzling, ‘righteous’ six-stringer from North Hollywood, California (U.S.A.) who reveals his style as ‘in your face’ and ballsy, as one can clearly experience on his latest album, “Joy Basu”. photoHis favorite guitar is an ESP. Basu has played guitar since 1982, and freely declares his career aspiration, “Touring, recording making bucks and most of all being mentally stable.”

When requested to divulge his ultimate effect for the guitar, Basu came back with, “Hand tone comes before any effect, but If I could choose only one, it would be distortion,” and then pointed out his musicial goals, “Extreme emotions. Whether it is love, hate, confusion or whatever, it should be felt to the extreme.” He fervently hopes to one day study engineering (“I will be getting a lot better at sampling, digital editing and stuff like that”), and is at this time listening to NIN, Marilyn Manson, Toni Braxton and FYF. His primary fulfillment? “Being on stage,” he affirms categorically.

Basu concludes by listing continuing and future undertakings succinctly, by saying, “Playing with FYF. Doing live shows, videos, recording. We will be appearing in a movie soon. Doing sessions on the side for singer/songwritters. Teaching at L.A. Music Academy.”

Guitar Nine visitors have compared the playing style and/or musical approach of Joy Basu to guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe and others.