Juliette Harris

Event Publicist – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Juliette Harris

President Ja-Tail Events and Public Relations

Juliette Harris is a full service Event Marketer and Public Relations communications strategist with extensive experience in marketing, promotions, and social media. With her clients specific needs in mind, Harris specializes in creating and implementing communications programs for premiere organizations and clients worldwide, helping them navigate the ever-changing PR landscape. Harris has twenty years industry experience and develops communication programs which build clients’ images and brands, initiates national and local media coverage, and drives action. She develops strategic and proactive media campaigns that encompass traditional PR practices with a deep understanding of the evolving media landscape, including new and social media.

With an incredibly diverse group of clients, including Lifestyle, Music, Fashion, Events, Talent, and Entertainers at all points in their careers, Harris is able to provide experienced support for a wide range of projects. Juliette Harris’s tactical approach to growing understanding and positive response has led to increased sales and action with a bevy of industries, including entertainment, sports, beauty, fashion, charity, travel, securities, technology, and pharmaceuticals with a focus on constantly advancing the public image of her clients. Harris is a quick study with a ready grasp

of issues, problems, and solutions who develops strategic initiatives and creates powerful, distinctive brand messaging for companies of all sizes, building exposure, recognition, and retention through campaign-appropriate tactics. “We position our clients to be both reflective of popular culture and influential to the public’s consciousness,” says Harris.