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Performer – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

2006 Founder Award – Rock EP of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

They’ve got what rock-starved fans crave. They know what you need. Junkies & Thieves is definitely what’s missing today in rock music!! They’re hard-workin’ and hard-rockin’…..and when you’re in need of that musical fix of pure rock JNT will deliver.
JNT has emerged onto the local music scene with a vengence…..packing in houses and leaving scores of fans begging for more along the way. They’re definitely THE rock band to watch out for!! Founding members Songwriter/Lead Guitarist Chris Eaton and Lead Man/Lyricist Jason Race joined by Drummer-Ben Victa, Bassist-Calvin Lippert, and Guitarist-Chap spend countless days and tireless nights promoting themselves, traveling to shows, and working hard in the studio to get their music out there. Driven by pure ambition and raw talent these guys have what it takes, and do what they have to for the music.
It’s very rare today to find a band whose music combines razor-sharp lyrics and fierce guitar riffs to give you straight-forward-in-your-face ROCK!! Whether they’re setting the stage ablaze with their hot hit “I Got The Matches” or stealin’ your heart with their impassioned power ballad “Same Song Twice”……these rock studs will captivate and grab you. Make no mistake, JNT is rapidly gaining momentum with their edgy style, masterful songwriting, and pure rock and roll energy…..making them a musical force to be reckoned with.
Recently, JNT was selected as 1 of only 8 acts to perform at the 16th Annual LA Music Awards. At first, they were scheduled to go on stage 4th…..but after being seen at a club performance in Santa Monica the guys made their way to the top…..and now they’re opening the show!! This goes to show that they’re turnin’ heads………openin’ ears…….and causin’ a stir on the local music scene. One listen….and I guarantee you’ll instantly become a Junkies’ Junkie. I just had the opportunity to interview Chris Eaton and Jason Race, and they DEFINITELY have me hooked!!!
Chantal: When did you first know you wanted to get into the music biz?
Chris: I saw a friend play guitar, and he got a lot of women…..I mean a lot of women. He would walk all around Treeport (NY) with his guitar case…..I don’t even know if he had a guitar in there {laughs}, but he got a lot of women. Then, I had another friend who didn’t get any women but he could play guitar. He taught me 3 guitar chords, and one night took me to downtown Manhattan. I was like 13……and he said “you’re gonna play onstage or I’ll leave you in the city.” I didn’t want to have to call my parents and tell them I was stuck in Manhattan. I got up there and played, and the audience was supportive.
Jason: It was ’93-’94….and I was tryin’ to find a band to give me a shot. It was hard, ’cause I don’t play an instrument, but I was tryin’ to find a band that was willin’ to give me a shot as a frontman.
Chantal: How did you get your start?
Chris: I heard about this band Jason was in from a friend. They were rehearsing outside on a ranch using a generator…..and I thought forget that…..no way. A year later, I saw an ad in the paper and went to audition. It was in a studio, and I realized it was the same band (the ranch had burned down)……and I wanted to grab Jason.
Jason: Chris came along……we really got along……and we’re a great songwriting team.
Chantal: Who would you say your biggest influences are?
Chris: Tobacco {laughs}…..80’s glam, 70’s rock, Poison, Motley Crue……that’s what we wanna bring back……get people with.
Jason: Gatorade……Tobacco {laughs}
Chantal: Where was your first gig?
Chris & Jason: DreemStreet in Ocean Beach……it was New Years Eve 2004
Chantal: How did you come up with your name?
Jason: We’re not a bunch of junkies and thieves……oh sure….I’ve been busted for shoplifting {laughs}…..but it’s a commentary of the music…….just down & dirty.
Chris: The first band was called Back Pocket…..that almost makes ya think of porn or somethin’ {laughs}…..we wanted somethin’ opposite of that.
Chantal: What did your family think of you becoming a musician? Are they supportive?
Chris: They hated it. My mom is semi-supportive…..my dad isn’t supportive at all.
Jason: My mom wishes I was doin’ country music…..she’s not into rock…..she said why a name like Junkies & Thieves……people will get the wrong idea. I don’t even think my dad knows. {laughs}
Chantal: How would you describe JNT’s sound?
Chris & Jason: Gritty, very anti-today, non-polished…..kinda like Motley Crue….KISS
Chantal: If you could tour with any band….who would it be?
Chris & Jason: Motley Crue…..It’s cool, because the producer of the LA Music Awards was doing a promotion with Brandi Wertz, the stage dancer on The Crue’s last tour……she’s the one who did all the hi-wire things with velvet and stuff…….and she took 10 of our cd’s from the producer to give The Crue to listen to.
Chantal: What kind of music do you listen to when you’re driving?
Chris: Nothing past ’94, GNR, Cinderella, Aerosmith, Mott The Hoople
Jason: Pretty much the radio…..anything I can sing along to
Chantal: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Chris & Jason: We drink a little…..cigarettes-we smoke-big time…..we light a lot of cigarettes……we may light 7 at a time, and hardly smoke any…..it’ll be like tobacco incense in the room. {laughs}
Chantal: What’s your favorite song of the album?
Chris: I Got The Matches
Jason: Dark room
Chantal: What’s your favorite song to perform live?
Chris & Jason: I Got The Matches
Chantal: What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you guys while playing in the clubs?
Chris & Jason: It was at our 2nd show, and the club was having a Metal/Goth night…..we announced that we were gonna do a shirt giveaway…….the light was shining down…..Jason threw the shirt out……and the audience parted to get away from it……the shirt just fell to the floor……but after the show, people partied with us.
Chantal: On an individual level, what do each of you enjoy more….the writing or recording process?
Chris: Recording, because you do what you want and you know what it sounds like.
Jason: Recording, you get to fine-tune everything.
Chantal: Congratulations on being 1 of only 8 acts selected to perform at the 16th Annual LA Music Awards!! That’s quite an honor….very impressive!! What was your first reaction when you found out that you had been chosen?
*Note* Jason had to leave at this point in the interview, because he had things to take care of so Chris takes over.
Chris: I knew we were good enough…..better than other bands…..the promoter of the show is going out of his way to help us out…..that was unexpected. This will be the biggest crowd we’ve ever performed in front of……all the big shots will be there……the head of Time Warner, etc.
Chantal: Any advice for younger musicians just starting out?
Chris: This is not just fun and games. You have to promote the band…..volunteers are important. It’s a lot of work. You have to work double time just to stay at the status quo. You definitely need a day job.
Chantal: Why do you think your fans feel so passionate about the band and your music?
Chris: People have been waiting for this kind of music to come back. We have as many 40 yr. olds as 22 yr. olds. The music is about fun…..good times……very anti-today. It’s easier to get people in L.A. than it is in San Diego, but we’re getting more people here.
Chantal: What can your fans expect now, and what should people who haven’t become Junkies’ Junkies yet look forward to?
Chris: We have a new album coming out in October. We’ll be hitting the road……doing kind of a triangle from here to Vegas to Oregon. We’ve got friends in Northern Ca…..so we’re gonna play the dives {laughs}……just get ourselves out there more. The biggest thing is preparing for the awards show. We just found out something else that’s really exciting for us too….this summer, we’re going to be doing a Hong Kong/Japan tour.
Thanks Guys…..it’s been great, Chantal.
For more Junkies & Thieves info……check them out at www.myspace.com/junkiesandthieves.