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2011 Nominee – Hot AC Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Running with the Wind”

I grew up with music all around me and I’ve been singing since I can remember. I didn’t have any inhibitions, I would sing my heart out to whatever was on the radio.

In my early teens I found my second love, windsurfing. The search for wind and waves took me around the world. I was 20 years old and off the coast of South America when I was attacked by a tiger shark. It cut my major arteries and almost severed my foot. I was left with 250 stitches and a limp but it could have been worse. I am extremely lucky I can still walk and more importantly that I’m alive. That moment changed me forever; I realized life can end fast, that is why I chase my dream.

During my year-long recovery my grandma gave me a guitar and I wrote my first song. The last decade I’ve made a living from my music. No fast cars or big yachts but I’ve learned a lot. I have my own record label and release my own music. We’re small but things are good. I’m not looking for overnight success; I believe if you nurture it and build it slow it will last longer. I’ve been blessed to tour the world and been honored to share the stage with amazing artists. My songs are finding their way out there and have been featured on: The Hills, Cougar Town, Parenthood, Ghost Whisperer and many more. Tracks have been licensed by Hollister, McDonalds, Delta Airlines, Arhaus Furniture and others. Most importantly I have an amazing fan base that keep me going. You can find me on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, XM, Sirius and just about anywhere music is available.

When I am not on tour I live and perform in the Caribbean. It is a beautiful life and I am blessed to do what I love.