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K-Pop Crossover (Video): Nylon Pink Gives Listeners a `Heart Attack’ With New Release and MV; Kiki Wongo Subs for Kaila Yu At SacAnime Show
By Tony Sokol | January 25, 2014 12:31 PM EST

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K-Pop Crossover: Nylon Pink have been described as “Hello Kitty on acid” and I feel like I’ve been dosed. I just got a twitter message from their guitarist Kiki Wongo about their new song, Heart Attack, and I am kicking myself for not seeing it earlier. I felt my soul leave my body behind. Nylon Pink is a true friend to Kpop, breathing new life into covers of Kpop hits like 2NE1’s “Lonely” and “I Am The Best” and Girls Generation’s “Run Devil Run.”
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Pop punk band Nylon Pink released a new original track called “Heart Attack” and it is a happy slam to the chest. All they want is to get your attention. Nylon Pink also released the official music video for the track.
The new Nylon Pink song is a love intervention. “Heart Attack” has a hazy beginning, a light and sweet riff that shows all the vital signs of the catchy melody to come. Guitarist Kiki Wongo opens the track with a keyboard riff. Kiki recently admitted in an interview “I began piano lessons when I was six; I played classical piano for 12 years. My father played guitar and he taught me basic chords.” Kiki Wongo and singer Kaila Yu open the song as a duo before Jamie Scoles repeats a hypnotic bass drum kick pattern that promises a slow build until bassist Katt Lee brings it all together from the bottom.

Nylon Pink are the self-proclaimed “only all-Asian American female band in the United States.” They were nominated for “Pop Artist of the Year” at the LA Music Awards and LA Weekly called the city’s “sexiest, glitziest” band.
Nylon Pink’s management released a statement on their new original “Heart Attack” saying “Nylon Pink is quickly building an audience via their YouTube page with over a MILLION channel views, their cover song of BLUE by BIGBANG can be seen here with 300K views and counting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZUmO1oGlLQ.
“Girl bands are rare in music and Nylon Pink is truly unique because of their raw talent: they not only sing, and play their instruments, they also write and produce their own original material. They are the first Asian American, all-girl rock band in the United States. They have recently made a splash in the anime conventions, headlining The Los Angeles Animation Festival, SabotenCon in Phoenix and Realms Con in Texas”
“The girls are generating huge buzz and are poised to become and international sensation. They’ve recently been called one of Los Angeles’s sexiest, glitziest bands by The LA Weekly, picked as 2011 Artist on the Verge by ReverbNation and The New Music Seminar and were nominated for Pop Artist of the Year by the LA Music Awards.
“Nylon Pink just returned from Shanghai, performing at the launch party for Havaianas. Earlier they returned from Asia from a tour of the World Famous Hard Rock Cafes in Penang, Thailand, Tokyo, Japan and Macau, China
The girls love to play live and put on a killer show!”
Nylon Pink recently had to play a show in Sacramento without Kaila Yu, who fell ill after a gig in Houston.Nylon Pink could have cancelled. But they didn’t. Kiki Wongo took over lead vocals for the night. On Jan. 4, Kiki mesmerized the audience at the SacAnime Convention.
After the show she said “I’m not a singer, but we didn’t want to disappoint our fans. Anime fans are the best!” Nylon Pink recently put out a hard rocking cover of Kpop star BoA’s ballad “Every Heart,” which closes every episode of the hit anime Inuyasha.

The Lyrics to Heart Attack Are:
I can’t explain what is happening
it was a hazy beginning
I’m falling faster when you’re looking at her
My heart is racing a medical disaster
All I wanna do is get your attention
Blow you a kiss this is my love intervention
I feel your warmth and I lose my mind
I feel my soul leave my body behind
Heart attack
Can you resuscitate me
Heart attack
Feel me pulsing to the beat
Heart attack
You can be my vital sign
Heart attack
Relapse into a flat line
I turn away just to try and forget
I’ll be all yours but she won’t have that
Even though that Love is relenting
I’m shutting down because you’re touch is so tempting
I ain’t waiting for a second chance
I’m taking matters into my own hands
you’re drawing in and I can’t deny
Your love revives me and makes me come alive
My hearts beating, My heavy breathing
Is this happening, its really happening
I’m so alive, My pulse high
Don’t let this pass, lets make it last