Keri Rose

Highlight Reel

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

A soft-mystical voice surrounded by enchanting pop ballads and electronica madness.
Genre: Pop: with Electronic Production
Release Date: 2000

Album Notes
Hailing from the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, she has succeeded in a remarkable music career proving that its just another day in the life of songstress Keri Rose. Keri’s style can range from a solid Pop ballad to a fierce and sweaty Electronic madness. Her original music funk continues to amaze first-time listeners.

Keri’s tracks have been featured all over national television. Two of her songs were featured in the movie The Young Unknowns directed by Katherine Jelski starring Devon Gummersall (My So-Called Life, Felicity), Leslie Bibb (Dawson’s Creek, Popular), and Elion Bailey (Fight Club, Dawson’s Creek).

She has sold over 2,000 CDs at shows and street sales alone. Keri continues her climb to the type in her own original unique style.

In 2000, Keri was nominated for the best female singer/songwriter category at the annual Los Angeles music awards. She received the honor of being MusiqQueen for the month of June, 2001 through

Anxiously anticipate the rise of Keri Rose!

Liz Torczyner

Great mix of hard-edged electronica and softer pop
Keri Rose blends the flavor of fun, 80s pop with harder electronica beats of the millenium. Catchy tunes, tight vocals, and textured effects make Keri Rose’s debut album, “Instigator,” a five-star buy…
Kristen Delaney

Very energetic! This artist is unique and fun. I definitely recommend this!
This artist has a very unique and original sound…much unlike the pop artists that dominate the scene today…which is very refreshing!!!
Fair One Music

Listenable soft techno pop.
Keri Rose’s techno pop album is soft and listenable while maintaining an energetic, funky vibe. This young artist’s voice and lyrics are fully developed, making her work an intriguing blend of youth and maturity.
Musiq Queen Magazine

This CD is bound to catch anyone’s ear!!
A must hear! Go to to see this featured Queen of Music for the month of June!!
Austin Wiser

A Sonic Splash of Refreshing Bliss!
Keri Rose: Instigator is a CD that is a must-have in your collection! The type of program you will want to pop in while basking in the summer sun, sipping on your favorite cold beverage! Works great also while using a feather duster with your windows wide-open! Testing this one’s tread-wear? Bravo Keri!