Live Performance

nominated for Outstanding Hip Hop Artist 9th annual LA Music Awards

The KickWurmz Started with DJ Flandy, Big Wurm, MC Ass Bone and Robert Swaney in the year 1996. It was conceived as a joke while driving home from work and busting funny rhymes to hip hop instrumental b-sides, but soon turned into something much bigger. After a few unsuccessful incarnations over the course of two years, the Wurmz solidified their line up with DJ Flandy on Vocals, Robert Swaney on Vocals, Big Wurm on guitar, Cap’n Repo on Bass, Zig-Zak on drums, and MC Shugah on Vocals. It was a funk/hip hop masterpiece the likes that Vegas had never seen. The Wurmz garnered a huge local following and recorded their debut disc “Wobbly H Town”. After around three years with that line up the Wurmz lost half their members to various dramas. MC Shugah, Cap’n Repo and Zig-Zak were no longer with the band. All of this transpired during the recording of the second CD “A Byproduct Of American Pop Culture”. They were replaced by Lil Drama on vocals, The Artist Formerly known as “B” Rock on drums, and Aly Cat on Bass. This line up changed only once with Iceberg Slim taking over drums. After a year or two with this line up things reached a sort of stagnant point and the band peacefully parted ways. This page was started as a place where all the members and fans of this once funky ass band can go to reminisce about old times. I would like to hear from all of the former members if that’s possible, maybe schedule a small reunion show somewhere with everyone.