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Sponsor of the 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Producers Choice Recipient for International Music Video of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “Illusion”

Krassimir is a popular bulgarian artist being blessed with a very rare and unique male voice, the tenor-altino.
He released 3 albums til now. His 1997 debut album, “Silent Voices” topped the pop charts in Bulgaria.
One year later Krassimir’s journey would continue in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.

In 2005 he released his US album “Popera”, a synergy of classical and pop music called “popera” , close to the art of
Enigma and Sarah Brightman. The album was produced in the Jam Studio, East Hollywood,
by the Coolio and Avril Lavigne’s producer William Tabano.
At the 2005 L.A. Music Awards, Krassimir won the honour “Superstar of the Year” for the album “Popera”,
previously bestowed upon such music notables as Gwen Stefani, Korn and Black-Eyed Peas. Krassimir celebrated
with a standing-room solo concert at Hollywood’s home of the Oscars, the prestigious Kodak Theatre.

December 2008, in the album “The Best Pop-Opera 2009, Volume 2″, Krassimir was featured alongside by pop opera virtuosos
like Jose Carreras and Mario Frangoulis. “Memories” was selected for the pilot single in the prestigious album.

2009 Krassimir was elected and presented Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with his song Illusion.

Krassimir took parts as an actor in the movies “The Lord of the Underground”, “The Agency”, “America Most Wanted”,
also the tv series “Alias” and “The Enemy”. His songs were used in some movie soundtracks as “To protect the King”
(a film about Elvis Presley) and “Intoxicated” (with Eric Roberts).
His latest single is called “Loving You This Way”, produced by Deep Zone Project, and presented with a brilliant modern video,
filmed in the bulgarian movie center Bojana.