Kristen Commodore

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

2013 Honorable Mention¬†–¬†23rd Annual LA Music Awards

After her critical successful release of her debut album, Misguided Dignity, Kristen is returned in 2013 with brand new music, brand new sound, brand new songs all written and produced by her. She teamed up with Gregg Buchwalter (Guns n Roses, Ray Charles) to engineer and play instruments with her on her new song. Kristen recorded her single, Phoenix Rising Up on Ray Charles analog equipment, with nothing being digitally produced! She is also playing the dulcimer on on Phoenix, Rising Up! This experience was a magical and organic one for Kristen, as this song is her first National Release, for her and her husbands, The Love IS Foundation.

Her foundation, The Love IS Foundation, will merge her new single, sound and philanthropy under one umbrella. Kristen was named as a Musician/Activist in Hollywood, by Shine On Hollywood Magazine. She combines both her love of artistry of music and makeup, giving free music and makeovers to members of the community who have been affected by Domestic Violence.

Kristen is the daughter of the Cape Verdean Legendary Guitarist/Musician, Leo Perry. Leo is a member of A Tribute to Cape Verdeans Musician in The Smithsonian Museum.

Kristen is a Member with The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and is a Registered Songwriter for BMI.

Kristen is a 2011 National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Grammy Balloted Nominated Artist and Hollywood Music Award Nominated Artist. Kristen’s debut album, Misguided Dignity, has garnered critical acclaim in several categories on the Grammy Ballot, including Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance for Love IS, Best Rock Song for Bruised and Best Instrumental Arrangement with Vocal for Bruised. Kristen was a finalist for her Rock single, Bruised for The Hollywood Music Awards.

Phoenix Rising Up is available on Itunes and Amazon, as well as her first album, Misguided Dignity!