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2011 Nominee – Pop Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Finger on the Trigger”

2011 Nominee – Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

“One of the top electronic artists out there!”
– Emerging Magazine

“This is one of my favorites.”
– Russ, KKCK 99.7 FM

“Our most-requested artist of 2012!”
– Black Rose Radio

“K’SANDRA’s New Album Sizzles!”
– Newsodrome

“Her songs have the kind of infectious feel that has always marked out the best in popular music, from Motown classics to Lady Gaga. She has a knack of getting people out of their chair, on their feet, and dancing.”
– News by TMC

“Get this chick on American Radio! We’ve had more requests for this particular artist than any other thus far. And they have come from all over the world! She fits in so well with today’s pop sound. Take a listen.”
– Michael Anthony, RadioWaves.us

Make no mistake; K’SANDRA is a pop artist. But, she is a pop artist who has a rock & roll heart. She shares the soul of some of her LA rock heroes like Jimi Hendrix and The Doors – artists who touched people through the sheer honesty of their music. Then she takes it up a notch by blending in the latest synthesizers and irresistible dancefloor beats. The music sneaks into your ears at the same time it moves up from your feet, and meets in the middle. The result is pure K’SANDRA – music for the mind, body and heart.

When she performs live, she’s one half pop diva, dancers and all, and one half rock maven, strutting across the stage backed up by a full band. This is an act which fits equally well at both rock arenas and raves, as evident by her touring schedule, which includes dates across the US and Spain and with the likes of Tiësto, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, ATB, Gabriel & Dresden, and OceanLab. She’s even been invited to perform for royalty.

Hailing from Austria just like Falco before her, K’SANDRA comes from a background of discipline and commitment, qualities she developed while studying at Richard Strauss Conservatory. She studied classical music, singing and ballet, all the while developing her punk rock and rave personal style.

The battle between the sublime and the sultry meant that she would inevitably leave the classical world for the club world, appearing on stages across Europe and Ibiza with groups like Prodigy and Right Said Fred, and laying vocal tracks for a Lou Pearlman girl group project which at one point topped the European charts.

All these influences join together immaculately in her new album “Light’n’Dark”, which features collaborators from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Fergie, Beyonce, and Slash. It is not only “one of the great pop albums of the year” (“What’s Hot in Electronic Music”, Emerging Magazine), but is also an album that rewards more serious connoisseurs of music. It has earned her two nominations at the LA Music Awards, including Dance Artist of the Year and Pop Single of the Year for “Finger on the Trigger”, a tune which has been making waves on radio and dance floors across the country, and has woken people up to a star in the making. SPIN Magazine called it “one of the top 50 songs in America”.

Other recent accolades include being named Artist of the Year by the Starliners Radio Network in the Netherlands, the Gold Award for the most-requested single from RGW Radio Network in the UK, and being voted Artist of the Month twice by the listeners of Black Rose Radio in the US (an award previously given to Lady Gaga and Adele). The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences recently accepted her as a Grammy voting member.

“Light’n’Dark”combines K’SANDRA’s natural rock tendencies with her instinctive understanding of dance music, her love of rhythm and her incomparable way with a lyric. There is even some of her original poetry thrown in. Her music embraces the full experience of being human – the happy and the sad, the joyful and the melancholy, the stillness of peace and the restless movement of the body compelled by a relentless beat. There is beautiful music on this album alongside infectious dark rhythms. It is the sensuality of the dancefloor meeting the insularity of the headphones.

K’SANDRA is building bridges between genres and, judging by her international fan base, also between countries. She is a one-woman dynamo, artist and entrepreneur.

There is only one word that describes her…