Ku De Tah

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Live Performance

Winner for best original image 1st Annual LA Music Awards

1991 Recipient – Best Lyrics on a FAST Song – 1st Annual LA Music Awards (Local Music Awards) “Fish out of Water”

1992 award winner for Demo Search 92′ – 2nd Annual LA Music Award “Fish out of water”

Just often enough to make the truly stubborn musician not give up, craft, originality and downright weirdness occasionally blossom into the Next Big Thing. Usually not, but sometimes. Remember Elvis with the hip and the lip? For a while the Beatles only wanted to hold your hand. It wasn’t the End for the Doors until later. It’s hard to imagine anything stranger than Tiny Tim and a ukulele. Madonna proved that sex still sells. Prince put Minneapolis on the purple map for a while, and then the Seattle scene inflicted grunge on an unsuspecting world.

Everyone has a plan that will not work–musicians seem to have more than that. The Valley-based Ku-De-Tah may not have any spellers, but they have a plan that just might work: Combining rap and rock with a combative format of street Angst and sufficient attitude to make Clint, Chuck, Dolph and Ah-nold evacuate the slam pit like polite mice. The band will be showcasing its blitzkrieg bop Monday night at Cheers in Simi Valley.

Ku-De-Tah used to be a funk and punk outfit, sort of like the Red Hot Chili Peppers on steroids, and they released a tape in 1991. Now they have a new singer plus a rapper and his DJ. The seven musicians who have been together since November still don’t know any slow ones. The current lineup includes Dave DiNardo and Don Calhoun on guitars, Davi Rivas on bass, Greg Priest on drums, Dave Thomas on vocals, D Rock D raps and DJ Transe is well, you know.