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Welcome to the Los Angeles music directory. On you find everything related to Los Angeles and music in general. Local bands, great venues, clubs, music education, music promotion, agents and much more. From pop to jazz from metal to folk and from country to house. Get listed today with your music website and add it to our site now.

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Famous bands

from the LA area:

The Doors – Famous band from the 60s. Light my fire? anybody?
The Beach Boys – nothing to say here –

Guns ‘n’ Roses – read everything about this well-known band at in the Wikipedia

Metallica – heavy metal at its best. And from Los Angeles 😉

Van Halen – let’s Jump :-)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – also a legendary L.A. Band

Tool – cool music

Slayer –

Rage Against the machine – a very interesting band

Maroon 5 – good music!

Toto – wow! – hear for yourself how thight a band can be.

did we forget important bands or newcomers? please let us know in the comments below

Any music awards ceremony will have its supporters and its detractors. With so many genres of music, and so many styles, it is inevitable that someone’s tastes will be overlooked when we come together to find the best of the best. Luckily, we have different types of awards to cover different territory, so we include as many people as possible while at the same time opening new eyes to new styles of music. Whether it is the most classic award, the Grammys, or something more new but still respected, like the MTV video music awards, we can make sure that the best musical artists receive the recognition that they deserve.

The great thing about watching the music awards is the chance to broaden your horizons. You’ll inevitably be exposed to types of music that are outside of your comfort zone, and new artists that are still up and coming and perhaps you’ve overlooked in the past. Since these are all the top caliber of musicians, under consideration for prestigious awards, you can find some real gems. Of course, even if you just love your one favorite band to death, it is important to watch them to support your band, and if you’re allowed to vote you should definitely take the time to cast that vote in their favor.