Lady Phoenix

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“Lady Phoenix” is the girl group formerly known as “DREAM”.

With Platinum Record status already attached to their names, Melissa Schuman, Ashley Poole, and Diana Ortiz are no newcomers to the music scene.To date, their former band Dream’s album, It Was All a Dream (Bad Boy/Arista), sold 1.8 million copies in 2001 and earned them the status of bona fide pop teen icons.

Now in their early twenties, three of the former Dream members have yet another chance to shape their own image as they rise up out of highly successful ashes to reunite as Lady Phoenix.

With maturity, fresh attitude and depth in tow, Melissa, Ashley, and Diana are in the studio bringing back the 40’s and 50’s Big Band era for the younger generation and incorporating their pop/r&b roots into their upcoming debut album. This soulful new musical direction and lifestyle has been in their hearts for years as they hold true to “real” music without age barriers.

After taking time off to discover themselves, the three women of Lady Phoenix return to their passion for music with an album of their own creative vision.

Teddy Riley, Mark Danzeisen, Kelly Fogel, Stevie Mada, Colleen Fitzpatrick,Cameron Graves, The Cruiser Shoppe and all our wonderful fans for helping us with our new group!

We love you!