Las 15 Letras

Live Performance

Nominee at 8th annual LA Music Awards Latin Rock Artist of the Year

Uniting Spanish lyrics with punk, alternative rock and ska, las 15 Letras is among the Mexican-American bands that came out of L.A.’s rock en espanol scene in the 1990s. The band was formed in 1993, when it derived its name from an incident in Mexican history–it was in front of a bar called las 15 Letras (which is Spanish for the 15 Letters) that Mexican freedom fighter Pancho Villa killed someone who betrayed him. That year, the band started playing around Southern California, and it would soon acquire a small underground following with its forceful yet melodic songs. Las 15 Letras’ promising debut album, Golosinas, was released on the independent Sindiskera label in 1997, when its lineup included singer Roberto Negrete (who brings to mind John Lydon, although all of his vocals on Golosinas are in Spanish), guitarist Martin Sanchez, bassist Abel Sanchez, saxophonist Edgar Briones and drummer Jorge Briones.

Their music is unconventional, without limitations or boundaries as it is evident in their independently debut release “GOLOSINAS” (Snacks). Snacks is an album that delivers a high dose of deliciously buffet of ska, punk, disco, ranchera all combined with elements of their upbringing in a bi – cultural environment.”My parents exposed me to many positive elements of both cultures that there wasn’t time to question the difference,” I never asked my parents, ‘why am I brown mommy? or why is my lunch different from the rest? Never. ” says lead singer Negrete of his background.

Their spontaneous nature and the fact that the band has no hang – ups, allowed for this firstmusical effort to become a reality thanks to a collaboration of producer Ernesto Ramirez (of alterna band Maria Fatal) and special guests such as Tucupa Delgado (Worldbeaters Los Olvidados) and Yvonne Gomez (Founder of CREE). GOLOSINAS offers an array of skanking songs such as famous “Super Tortas”, “Capulina”, “Tu Papa” and punker tunes such as “Quiero Ir A Bailar” &”Cuadilatero.”

Born and conceived in Echo Park, Atwater Village and Silver Lake, LAS 15 LETRAS are Roberto Negrete (vocals & guitar), Martin Sanchez (guitar), Abel Sanchez (bass), Edgar Briones (sax), Jorge Briones (drums) and the latest addition of Joshua Marcus aka “Tio” (uncle) on (keyboards & samplers). The band formed 1993, together they began performing in backyard parties, quincenaeras (Sweet 15, fate) and in their garages. The name LAS 15 LETRAS derives from an episode of Mexican history when Pancho Villa had an encounter and killed one of his friend’s who betrayed him in front of a bar called Las 15 Letras.

LAS 15 LETRAS are enjoying a great deal of success for being an “indie” band, thanks to their hordes of loyal fans who follow them everywhere. This year the band has traveled to Mexico City where they performed in the legendary venue EL CHOPO, and most recently was invited to perform at the Spirit of Unity Festival (Reggae & Ska festival in Irvine Meadows, CA). Their high – energy level performances at the HOUSE OF BLUES has made the band a favorite of the venue, where they have shared the stage with many International acts such as Molotov, Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro, DUT.

In addition the band has played all over Los Angeles County, Orange County , Inland Empire, Chicago and border towns Tecate & Tijuana with a great success! Their fame also travels to Northern California and Central Califonia. GOLOSINAS has made its way across the country and into Canada thanks to radio airplay from college stations and Latin rock shows every where! To add to all this LAS 15 LETRAS have been featured on Spanish language network shows such as Tu Ritmo (Telemundo) nationwide and have recieved excellent reviews and features by L.A. Weekly, BAM, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Urban Latino, La Opinion, Boom!, RETILA Magazine, Fresno Bee and more!

LAS 15 LETRAS still have more to go and they are aware of that, but in the meantime the ride is pretty smooth and the future appears brilliant. They love their music and will continue to travel in order to reach more fans every day. Currently LAS 15 LETRAS continue performing all over California for know.