Lennart Jensen

Producers Choice Hollywood FAME РFilm Music Producer Р19th Annual LA Music Awards

Lennart Jensen is a multi-awarded composer, songwriter and Film/TV music producer. In November 2009, he received the prestigious Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award in category Special Achievement: Music in Film. Other renowned award recipients included Ron Nevison (producer for Led Zeppellin, The Who, Heart, Chicago etc), Jack Douglas (producer for John Lennon, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper etc) and Greg Ladanyi (producer for Don Henley, Foreigner, Toto, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac etc.).

He has had several song placements in Film and TV – in an American feature movie, in MTV shows as well as in other major American TV networks. He has won the Billboard World Song Contest twice, had winner songs in the International Songwriting Contest and in Song of the Year. He has also received nominations, recommendations and awards from various other sectors of the the American music industry (see Awards).

His musical adventure began in the early 70’s along the path of classical piano and guitar. As the “classic rock” wave was sweeping by, the guitar turned out to be his favorite. He had barely plugged in his wah-wah before he was offered the chance to sling heavy riffs and guitar solos in a rocking combo. The 70’s and 80’s were the decades when he grew his solid, musical backbone and the know-how which has helped him to gain success in the current, extremely competitive music business market.

He has written with other songwriters and continually evolves his composing in a handful of genres. He has also added keyboards and bass to his skills arsenal together with knowledge of how to compose for and orchestrate the symphonic orchestra. In a few words – he’s better and bolder than ever and ready to take his relentless talent to the movies.