Leslie Egerer

2013 Nominee – Producer of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

“Leslie” Egerer László started play the violin when he was six years old. After the music school , from 1972-1982 Leslie Egerer played with more symphony orchestras as first violinist. He became freelance in 1982, and went to Germany with Imre Perényi’s salon orchestra.
After 3 years, in Germany he went back to Hungary, and established the Roller group. This group was permanent member of the Christmas celebration in the hungarian Parliament in Budapest. They sold approximately 96000 LPs in five years, the LPs were sponsored by the biggest hungarian LP publisher, Hungaroton. Meanwhile he got into a famous hungarian group, that was leaded by Peter Wolf, the name of the group was expanded Studio 11.

Leslie Egerer László played with many famous hungarian artists, for example :
Zoran Sztevanovity, Robert Szikora, Marta Fonay, Rezso Soltesz, Rozsi Demjen, Lajos Illes, Katalin Kovacs, Andras Kern, Bela Ernyei…

Leslie went to Norway in 1989 and he was on tour with Cosmos Factory and Oxygen groups for years, they toured from south to north in Norway.

After Leslie settled in Bergen. He was built in the musical life of Bergen soon, the TV and radio channels started to play his music, and Leslie got a commission from Vagen radio to write a signal music.

Leslie Egerer played for Tor Endresen when Tor turned 40, and He played on NatJazz 2000 with the Canadian Diana Krall, and Syssel Kyrkjebo in Bergen. Leslie Egerer László played to the leaders of NATO in the same year. After Leslie formed his own studio, where he has made many CDs. He has a very interesting and unique performance, He plays the violin, the guitar, the piano and in additional He plays the singing-saw.

He has played with Claudia Scott, Rune Larsen, Bjorn Afzelius, Mostly Robinson, Clive Scott, Johannes Kleppevik, Arne Hjeltnes, Erik Stephansen, Anders Martinius Tangen, Helge Jordal, Kari Jaquesson, Rune Rudberg….

In the year 2009. Leslie become a member , of The Composer Collective, Hollywood .

His music (10 songs) was loaded up in the Musicsupervisors data base, for future reference. Some name who’s , pick out music from there : Disney – 20th Century Fox – Warner Brothers – ABC – HBO – Columbia pictures – Paramont Pictures – Universal Pictures – Sony Pictures – NBC……