Highlight Reel

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Produced by Eric Pierson and Likehell
Recorded by Eric Pierson

tony bologna – drums
frank throwup – bass
nick eldrorado – vocals
cesare maniago – guitar

In the past year, following the release of “love american style” LIKEHELL has toured the US. hitting every major market & nearly all secondary markets twice with the likes of 7 Year Bitch, Killdozer, Barkmarket, REO Speedealer, Kelley Deal 6000, Babes In Toyland, & Soul Asylum. LIKEHELL has established themselves as one of Minneapolis’ premier live exports. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, rock fans are raving about LIKEHELL’s immensely exciting live show.

Capturing the unique flavor and drive of a band such as LIKEHELL on tape would have seemed an impossible task. However, through the vision of producer/engineer Eric Pierson (Soul Asylum), “Snowball’s Chance” does just this.