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Lobster Records is an independent record label based in Santa Barbara, California. It was founded by Stevan Lubarsky in 1991. The label started with Bad Neighbor, a Montecito-based rock band, with a huge local following featuring Alan Duncan and Mark Bennett on guitars, Sean Murphy on drums, Todd Roll on Bass and Zak Remington on lead vocals. Former members include Lynn Strait on Bass (R.I.P Lynn) and Bobby Champagne on drums (R.I.P Bobby). Steve went on to develop Buck Wild, featuring Lagwagon guitarist Shawn Dewey, and has since released records from marquee pop-punk acts such as Yellowcard and Over It.

They have also started a new label title Oort Records which has signed bands such as Faster Faster and Nottingham.

Lorene Drive 2005-2009 Currently on hiatus
Buck Wild
Days Like These
First to Leave
Mock Orange
Over It
A Small Victory
Staring Back (band)
Through Oort[edit]
A Black Market Diary
Anchors for Arms
Danny Rocco
Dawn of the Dude
Faster Faster
That Was Something
Release history
001 – Various Artists – “Greetings”
003 – Buck Wild – “Beat Me Silly”
005 – Joystick – “Heavy Chevy”
006 – Whippersnapper – “America’s Favorite Pastime”
007 – Jargon – “Jargon” LP
008 – Mock Orange – “Nines & Sixes” LP
009 – Buck Wild – “Full Metal Overdrive”
010 – Staring Back – “The Mean Streets of Goleta”
011 – Whippersnapper – “The Long Walk”
012 – Staring Back – “Many Will Play”
014 – Mock Orange – “The Record Play” LP
015 – Yellowcard – “One for the Kids”
016 – Park – “No Signal” LP
017 – Staring Back – “On” LP
018 – Over It – “Timing is Everything”
019 – A Small Victory – “The Pieces We Keep” EP
020 – Park – “It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going” LP
021 – Days Like These – “Charity Burns Green” LP
022 – A Small Victory – “El Camino” LP
023 – Over It – “Silverstrand” LP
024 – Lorene Drive – “Romantic Wealth” LP
025 – Days Like This “Inventure” LP
026 – Park – “Building a Better …” LP