Lori Wagner

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Gorgeously voluptuous buxom blonde bombshell Lori Kay Wagner was born in 1953 in Whittier, California. She won several; beauty contests at the start of her show business career. She briefly attended California State College in the early 1970s. She used the pseudonym Octavia Corriell for her nude pictorial in the May 1975 issue of “Penthouse” magazine. She acted in Broadway stage productions of both “Hair” and “Let My People Come” in 1977. On film, she portrayed Caligula’s younger sister Agrippina in both the infamous Caligula (1979) and the lowbrow Italian soft-core comedy cash-in Messalina, Empress of Rome (1977). Wagner and fellow “Penthouse” Pet Anneka Di Lorenzo did a steamy lesbian scene in “Caligula” that was reprinted as a pictorial in the June 1980 and February 1991 issues of “Penthouse” (Lori also did a new pictorial for the latter issue). Following the harsh critical reception and box-office failure of “Caligula,” Lori laid low for eight years before resurfacing in a small part in Trained to Kill (1989). She has another minor role as a female mud wrestler in the amusing mainstream comedy UHF (1989). In the mid-’90s Wagner acted in a few X-rated porno flicks, including _Frankenpenis (1994)_ with ‘John Wayne Bobbitt’. Lori was a contestant in the Nudes A Poppin’ 2 strip/dance contest at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana, in 1995 and attempted a side career as a comedian in 1996. She worked part time as a stripper at the Crazy Horse Two Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, and participated in the Topless Dancer World Championships at the Stardust Hotel in Vegas in 1999. Her last adult feature was Older Women, Hotter Sex (2000). Wagner wrote the song “Everything Changed (That Morning)” following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Lori Kay Wagner is now an avid and active environmental campaigner in Las Vegas, Nevada.