Lost Disciples

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Independent Hard Rock Artist of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Lost Disciples are a San Diego, CA based band. Beginning in 1995, the guys decided to approach the rock music genre with an ambitious approach of conquering their local market, what in fact has happened is that the band has managed to create a presence not only in Southern California but also in the southwestern United States.


Jason Baltzley – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Donovan McGlynn – Guitar
Bobby Cherry – Bass
Manuel “Manu” Navalon – Drums

It has been said that in the world of rock n’ roll, there is nothing like packing up your belongings and going on tour. Sometimes, however, a journey gives you much more in return than you expect. Such was the case with the Lost Disciples, when they embarked on a whirlwind tour of the Southwestern United States in September of 2001 … a tour that not only changed their outlook on the world of rock n’ roll, but one that also changed their views of their band, one another, and of life itself.
As the story goes, shortly after 9-11, the Lost Disciples’ bus broke down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With their vehicle dead, little money in their pockets, and absolutely no place to go, the band was on their own … and at the mercy of a repair shop that had little time for them as the country reeled from the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
Over the course of one very intense and emotional week, the Lost Disciples bonded in a manner that few bands ever get to experience. They laughed, they cried, and they wrote some brilliant music in the hot desert city. The Lost Disciples learned a great deal about one another that week, and the surreal chapter in Albuquerque came to a close with the band singing karaoke tunes in a dive bar with an 80-year-old woman as CNN played on a television in the background.
Who knew that one intense week in Albuquerque would create an unbreakable bond of brotherhood among four men who could not be more different than one another—and create a band whose musical chemistry can now only be described as magical.
Lead singer Jason Baltzley is the soul of the Lost Disciples. Jason moved to California when he was seventeen years old with little money, an old acoustic guitar and a vision to form the band that he always wanted to be in. Jason lived in his car, and he grew up quickly as he sought out the other members of the Lost Disciples. Discussing their new album, Jason gets right to the point. “The Journey Home takes you on a spiritual journey … a journey that is unique to every listener, wherever you are from or whatever you believe in. We are all disciples of something. Your personal truth is out there.”
As his fans and numerous music directors are well-aware, Jason’s musical gifts include the ability to mold spiritually grounded lyrics into tight and memorable musical hooks. Jason’s incredible vocals invoke the dominant snarl of Chris Parnell, but with the sensitivity and depth of Pearl Jam and Midnight Oil. Music critic Dylan Roberts of Digital City Reviews said, “[Jason’s] depth is also reflected in the songs, not just in the outer layer of lyrics but throughout every molecule of music-a rare quality that shows a spiritual link between creator and created.”
The Lost Disciples #1 hit “Seed” describes a man losing truth and his mind in the process, “On my feet I’m walking /Down the street I’m talking /To myself but I’m not alone /Hide my head I’m falling /Deeper in this open crevice /I’m loosing self-control /In the wake of a fire / There’s the light of a man who knows his time /There’s the light of man who knows his crime /There’s a light of the man who lost his soul /Catch me now /I’m falling deeper /In this open crevice /I’m losing all my self-control /I fade away.”
Jason may be the soul of the Lost Disciples, but the heart belongs to lead guitarist Donovan McGlynn, a soft-spoken and easy-going classically trained guitar player from San Diego. Influenced by everyone from KISS to Steve Vai, Donovan started playing guitar at a young age, and his stylistic musical choices complement Jason’s vocals perfectly. Donovan’s guitar playing brings the music of the Lost Disciples to life through his magical hands, and a charismatic glam-rock stage persona. Reflecting on the band’s experiences in New Mexico, Donovan adds that “sometimes, a personal search for truth can take one down the wrong path … and it all ends in destruction … as we all unfortunately learned on 9-11.”
In “Message to a Lunatic,” the Lost Disciples send a clear and poignant message to Osama Bin Laden …“Hold tight to something as this battle’s soon to soar /New generations’ aristocracy is born /X marks the spot where we have staked our claim and made our stand /Let’s roll /Coming for you /Catch us if you can /Catch us if you can/Line in the sand/Catch me if you can/Making my stand.”
On the other side of the emotional, political, personal, musical and pretty-much-everything-else-you-can-think-of spectrum, bassist Bobby Cherry brings a wild style to the Lost Disciples. Bobby is a solid bass player who is heavily influenced by eclectic avante garde bands such as Sparta, System of a Down, and the Talking Heads, and his on-the-edge on-stage persona can only be described as a “berserker.” Despite Bobby’s counterculture leanings and seemingly out-of-control stage presence, his background is not what y