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1997 Nominee – Male Vocalist of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards “Jami Lula”

Jami Lula

Jami Lula, Recording Artist, Teacher, Youth Leader

It is the rare artist that is larger than the canvas they occupy. Their mission is bigger than the stage they stand upon. Their commitment and contribution extend beyond themselves to encompass all who come into contact with them. Jami Lula is such an artist.

Born and raised in Detroit’s arts and musical hotbed, Jami made his way to Southern California—into the melting pot, the creative stew where creativity, music and transformation meet. Landing the gig at LA’s Musician’s Institute as a vocal professor, his explanations and leadership provided something unique for his students and his community: a quiet and powerful sense of purpose, balance and giftedness. Music is larger than just making sound. It is the heart of the Spirit walk, the key to creative change in the world.

Associating with the top thinkers in the nascent spiritual and human-potential movement, his music influenced and was influenced: Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Neil Donald-Walsh, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Mary Mannin Morrissey, Bishop Carlton Pearson and so many more were endowed with Jami’s soundtrack – a music consistent with their larger purpose and message.

Lending his voice and leadership in concert to youth groups and spiritual centers throughout the nation, Jami has been honored by LA Music Awards (“Best Male Vocalist”), winner of the Centers for Spiritual Living “Youth Champion Award,” and many other musical and mission-based honors. His work with youth is legend.

With more than 6 albums to his name, it is a stroke of luck that we can enjoy and be ennobled by Jami’s spirit and sound.

You are invited to consider Jami for your event, youth camp, service or celebration. Appealing to communities of like-minded seekers, Jami’s mission is to uplift, heal, open hearts and inspire individuals to a greater awareness of themselves, through his musical gift and life-affirming message.

Please visit jamilula.com for more information.