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Recipient for Pop Single of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Suga”

The 2010 LA Music Awards Pop Single of the Year is “Suga” by teen sensation Madisen Hill. Madisen can be seen performing “Suga” on the hit teen webseries, The Ryan and Randi Show at . The teen co-wrote the song under the artistic direction of Jonathan George of JJPZ Talent Development.

Madisen Hill recently kicked off Season 2 of Ryan and Randi Presents on the web series; The Ryan and Randi Show. Ryan and Randi Presents showcases the best of up and coming young music singer/songwriters. The show is hosted by Ryan (actor Sarah Stettler) and Randi (Kevin Chambers). The web series has already showcased artists such as Tyler Shamy, who writes fresh, edgy lyrics, Pink Army, a dynamic tween group, Colton B who has performed with Jennifer Lopez, Outkast and Missy Elliott at the American Music Awards and won NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid in his age group. Also featured, is 13 year old Sir Castanon. Sir Castanon is an amazing performer in the music and acting world. Also known as Joseph Castanon, the young performer has been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Young Artist award for the past 5 years, winning twice. Season 1 of Ryan and Randi Presents showcased 9 artists and Season 2 will bring 9 more new artists. The performances can be seen on the series website: . Artists such as Roxy King, Jewel & Blaire and Meeghan Henry have already graced the show. Upcoming artists include Carlos McCullers, Mallory Low, 10 year old twins Brotherlee, Adam 812, Keisha & Kellie, Taylor Beckett, Zeke Kalil, and Kota.

The Ryan and Randi Show is began as a comedic webseries. The series is now in its 3rd Season. The original series is co-written by author and playwright, Chambers Stevens and teen actor, Sarah Stettler. Based on the lives of two high school best friends; Ryan and Randi, the comedy series takes on High School life. Season 3 guest stars Kiernan Shipka, of Mad Men, who appears as an offbeat 9 year old choreographer for the show choir Ryan and Randi have formed. And, no show choir would be complete without a rival show choir showdown. Season 3 ends with a cliffhanger. Enjoy original comedy and check out tomorrow’s music stars.