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Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

majority DOG was the first band founded by Brian Wurschum, lead singer for the folk rock band The Voyces and formal front man of Zelig along with Laurel Hoffman. The band recorded two albums before disbanding, Mister Night in 1994 and Nevada in 1996

Never Have Seen Anything
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ROCK TALK : Majority DOG Packs Them in at Arts Plaza : The Newbury Park band sells out concert at Forum Theatre, which the group rented for $875 in a brash pay-to-play venture.

On Jan. 27, when majority DOG from Newbury Park had its night at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, it was such a hit that even the media “yeah-sure-I’ll-be-there” slugs who promised to be there actually were there along with about 400 other regular, paying folks. While the band basks in the post-activity glow, adjectives continue to fly like fleas off a hot plate according to the big DOG himself, singer/songwriter/guitarist Brian Wurschum.

“Oh man, it was so great. It was so bitchen. It was sold out,” said Wurschum. “Everyone who said they would show up, did show up. Usually, industry people never show up, but Fleetwood Mac’s manager and producer was there, and apparently, he liked us.”

Being the first local band to play at that great big thing by the freeway wasn’t just luck. It was talent, not to mention cold hard cash–875 bucks worth to rent the smaller Forum Theatre in a brash pay-to-play venture. Not only did they sell all the seats for the 2 1/2-hour performance, but the band sold a ton of merchandise, which included $12 “Still Striving for a Record Contract Tour ’95” T-shirts and $10 copies of the band’s debut disc, “Mister Night.” Wurschum said they made just over $3,000, which is a very serious payday for a local band.