Mallori Nicole

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Nominated for Pop Single of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Let’s Just Dance”

Mallori is a Pop artist from St. Louis, MO. Since the age of 6 she has been performing and singing. Her family would gather around at home to watch her sing and dance in the living room. This was just the start of Mallori’s passion for the music industry.

By the age of 12 Mallori was now in the six grade, and decided that she wanted to sing in the school’s choir. Mallori seen a huge opportunity to try out for a solo part and with the help of her friends and choir teacher Mr. Rhine, she pushed herself to try out. Mallori Nicole has worked with producers such as Popo with bakery productions who produced “Pop, Lock, and Drop It for Baby Huey,” Brian and Mark with On2productions, and currently Terex who produced “Stupid” for Joka.

Singing in the high school choir was just the beginning of things for Mallori professional career. Mallori then being to sing more often and was taught how to control her vocals with lots of practice and some vocal training here and there. One of the many talents Mallori hold is playing the clarinet, besides singing and acting. Mallori’s parents wanted her to be happy so they supported her in everything she decided to do.

One of Mallori’s famous performing spots was the Saint Louis Arch location. Upon performing there lead to being noticed by an Indie Label. In 2009 Mallori Nicole won Pop Artist of the year at the Teen Swag Awards, and won Alternative Artist of the year at the St. Louis Traffic Music Awards.

Other places she have performed is Keiner Plaza St Louis, Ciceros St. Louis, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH, Six Flags St. Louis, Twin City Days in Crystal City MO, Festus Firecracker Festival, and with Dennis Bono Show is Las Vegas with David Osborne and many more to come.

Recently Mallori has had the honor to sing for our 39th President Jimmy Carter in Americus, GA, she also performed with the pianist for the presidents David Osborne. Another highlight of Mallori career was singing for the Mayor of Festus, MO. You can Google Mallori Nicole and you will be surprised, on how much stuff comes up on her!