Mandy Tieman (Drummergirl)

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

Performer – 2009 Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Drummer of the Year – Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “Drummergirl”

Mandy Tieman – Drums
Dylan Rowe – Vocals
Brandy Bevins – Lead Guitar
Jane Joyce – Bass
Ranie Mae- Guitar
Phoenix AZ all-star line up of talented women that thrash!!! Four seasoned professional female musicians bring their talent together to form one of the most exciting, heavy, and sexiest metal bands to storm stages in years. The Heathers blend technical metal (think AX7, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage) with killer vocals and a tough, sexy attitude.
Dylan Rowe, lead singer for An Early Fall has a powerhouse voice packed in a sexy package. Her melodies soar from sternum-wrenching toughness to angelic heights. She is the wind beneath the wings of The Heathers.
Mandy Tieman has played drums her whole life.She joined the United States Air Force and has been serving her country as a Staff Sargent for over 8 years. Independent drummer endorsed by “Pearl Drums.” She is by far one of the toughest and best female drummers in metal. Her timing is like clockwork. Her power and precision impeccable. She provides the rhythmic foundation for The Heathers.

Jane Joyce is an accomplished bassist who writes, records and performs regularly with her band Scrupulous. Highly dynamic, extremely talented, she is the sonic concrete on which The Heathers music stands. Jane is also the author of 5! amazing novels, focusing on the science fiction genre. Google search her books Chicanery Absolved, The Totality of All Being, Volume 1: Lucifer’s Experiment, The Totality of All Being, Volume 2: One Ending New Beginning, The Totality of All Being, Volume 3: Wholeness, and Portrait of the Artist. Jane is currently working on her sixth novel. also http//

Isadora Bevins brings an explosive and dynamic shredding style, having just finished school in California, she’s back in AZ ready to rock. She is the owner and founder of, a full line of custome handbags- check it out! Isadora has been playing guitar for 10 years. She has been in serveral bands here locally in PHX and also played independently in California. Now she is the lead guitar player for the Heathers; her talent and expierence exceeds most guitar players. She has many solos and has a great stage presence. You have to see her live, she’s shreadtastic!!!! She’s Tapalicious, She’s Noodlerifffffic!!!

Ranie Mae- Newest member of the heathers, kick ass guitar player- smokin hot

These women have joined forces to deliver some of metal’s freshest, toughest, technical metal to date. No other female band even comes close to what these ladies deliver. Their live shows are sure to be epic so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to see them.